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Free Music Friday: The Temperature Rise Edition
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Waddup! It's another edition of "Free Music Fridays" at RapReviews. I don't know about your location, but the temperature's blaring up where I'm at. It's getting a lil' hot in my area. Thankfully, we found some hot free music to give to y'all. These joints will raise up the heat fo' sho!

DJ Spinna - The Recall Mixtape


[DJ Spinna's music stays classy, jazzy, and very fresh. Here's a new mixtape by Spinna which features his greatest bangers, remixes, and unreleased track for all the heads to enjoy. Don't sleep, give "Recall" a listen!]

1. Jigmastas - Chandon
2. Polyrhythm Addicts - Motion 2000
3. J-Live - Braggin Writes (domecrackers remix)
4. Das-EFX - Microphone Master (domecrackers remix)
5. IG Off and Hazadous - This Ain't Livin
6. Sir Menelek - 7XL (feat. Grand Puba and Sadat X)
7. Basement Khemists - Vibrate
8. DJ Spinna - Tune You Out (feat. Rise)
9. Old World Disorder - 3ree6ix5ive (feat. Eminem)
10. Substantial - If I Was Your Mic
11. Jay I Geez - Across the Globe
12. Truth Enola and De La Soul - Voictree
13. De La Soul - Stakes is High (DJ Spinna Remix)
14. Shabaam Sahdeeq - 5-Star Genenerals
15. Artifacts - It's Gettin Hot (DJ Spinna Remix)
16. Dynas - Game Huntin (feat. Krym and Masta Ace)
17. DJ Spinna - Drive (feat. Shadowman)
18. Jigmastas - Don't Get it Twisted (feat. Sadat X)
19. Mr. Complex - I Don't Know
20. Busta Rhymes - Abandon SHip (DJ Spinna Remix)
21. Rise - Do You Know Him
22. N.O.T.S Clik - Work is Never Done (feat. Big L)
23. Missing Linx - Who U Be
24. J-Live - 3 out of 7 (feat. Asheru and El Da Sensai)
25. Pharoahe Monch - Tooley Crew Personifies
26. Big Kwan - Verbalize
27. Masta Ace - Soda and Soap (fesat. Jean Grae)
28. Sadat X - Plan X
29. Ed OG - Don't Talk About It
30. DJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul (feat. Phonte)
31. Eddie Brock - Double Edge
32. Mr. Complex - Visualize (Instrumental)

Fred Knuxx - King of Grind: Volume 1 - THe Hate Edition

[Not sure if Delaware's own Fred Knuxx got his name from the combination of Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles. But of there's nothing else, one thing they do indeed have in common is they both rap like their hungry. I mean, the STARVING hungry where they'll take your food like it didn't even matter. "King of Grind Volume 1" is a mixtape that will help heads easily recognize his all or nothing style.]

01.) King Of Grind Intro
02.) King Of Grind (Produced By X-Plosive)
03.) I'm Da Shit (feat. Clap Cognac & Yung Texxus) (Produced By X-Plosive)
04.) Air 'Em Out (Freestyle) (Produced By X-Plosive)
05.) Get Lost (Part 2) (Produced By X-Plosive)
06.) Get Me (feat. RAtheMC, Balance & Wordsmith) (Produced By Judah)
07.) Thinking Out Loud (Produced By Orthodox)
08.) If I (Shhh) (Produced By X-Plosive)
09.) Starcore Running The Streets (feat. The Gift) (Produced By Sean Ross)
10.) Yell Back @ Ya Boykin (Produced By X-Plosive)
11.) So Cool (Produced By X-Plosive)
12.) Chips (feat. Nametag) (Produced By Sean Ross)
13.) Slaying The Track (Produced By DJ Denox)
14.) We Grind (Produced By Problem Child)
15.) Starting 5 (feat. The Gift, Wordsmith, Dom 1 & Kel Spencer) (Produced By Genyus)
16.) Lets Play (Produced By X-Plosive)
17.) Legacy (Produced By Orthodox)
18.) King Of Grind Outro

L.E.G.A.C.Y - Suicide Watch (North Carolina + Florida Edition)

Legacy Suicide Watch Florida
[In anticipation of his upcoming "Suicide Music" LP, L.E.G.A.C.Y has release two mixtapes to the keep the heads satisfied while waiting. That's right: as of this wriitng, there are two different verisons of the same mixtape. And don't slit your wrists just yet, because "Suicide Music" comes out this Tuesday on June 16th.]

NC tracklisting:
01. Intro/The Greatest (Official single from the Suicide Music album) produced by Khrysis
02. No Regrets pt 1 produced by K Hill
03. Let The Music Live B Hop f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced by X3M
04. Murder Game f/ Shelly B produced by Kakalack Gat
05. Bang(Freestyle) K Hill produced by Khrysis
06. It’s All Real produced by Khrysis
07. 1-800 Suicide (Freestyle)
08. We’re Watching You O.N.E. Jones produced by Coolout Chris
09. It’s So Good Dasan Ahanu f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced by Picasso
10. Outta Love(06 Unreleased) produced by Gyphted
11. Fear (Never Scared Remix) EAF f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. Sean Boog produced by J Wheeler
12. Carolina Flow O.N.E. Jones
13. Don’t Have To Stay produced by Khrysis

FL tracklisting:

1. 1800 Suicide (Freestyle)

2. We’re Watching You f/ O.N.E. Jones  - produced by Coolout Chris

3.No Regrets pt.2 f/Lunatic Messiah, Spec Boogie,Dynas -  prod. by K Hill

4.Bang (Freestyle) f/ K Hill -  prod. by Khrysis


6.The Greatest f/ Mela Machenko,Dasan Ahanu prod. by Khrysis  (*official single from Suicide Music album)

7.Nice (Freestyle) Kap Kallous  prod. by 9th Wonder

8. Danger us - Red Simpkins f/L.E.G.A.C.Y.  produced by Optiks

9.Don’t Have To Stay - prod. by Khrysis

10.Jive Turkey - Kap Kallous f/L.E.G.A.C.Y.,Hi Jinks produced. by Optiks

11.Life (Roll With it) - O.N.E. Jones - produced by Fundamental

12.Legendary - Logic f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. - produced. by P-Lo

13.Bloody Mary f/Travis Hampton  - produced by Optiks

Lil Fats - The Feature Presentation Mixtape

[As a young CEO of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Fats has already achieved many things in the rap game. That includes getting his name out, working with some of the hottest in the industry, And started some businesses on the internet. This mixtape features all the the tracks he has done in the the past couple of months. The mixtape also includes appearances by Kardinal offishall, Lil Wanye, 50 Cent, Bun B, and more.]

1. Here We Go Again Feat. Miz & Mikey Vegaz

2. Run Em Out Feat. Kardinal Offishall

3. King Of My City Feat Jay Rock, K Dot & Mikey Vegaz (Prod By Young Asap)

4. War With Me Feat. Tekneek & Reed Dollaz (Prod By Tekneek)

5. Shorty Love My Swag Feat. Tone Trump, Illaj & Mikey Bloodshot (Prod By Illaj)

6. 3 Doors Down Feat. Bun B & Illaj

7. Days Go By Feat. St. Laz & Mikey Bloodshot (Prod By Nemisis)

8. Numb Feat. Illaj & Play (Prod By Illaj)

9. To The Top Feat. Lil Wayne & Lloyd

10. Money & Power Feat. Tone Trump, Mikey Bloodshot & J. Brice (Prod By DJ Nu)

11. West Coast Freestyle Feat. Sly Boogy (Prod By Young Asap)

12. We Fuckin Feat 50 Cent & Illaj

13. They Said Feat. St. Laz (Prod By Young Asap)

14. I Go In Feat. Cymarshall Law, J. Brice, Mikey Bloodshot & Ike Dirty (Prod By Baby Paul aka BpZy - Beatfanatik for D.O.E.)

15. Mean Muggin Feat. Y.G.

16. Keep It Hip-Hop Feat.Street Spittas (Prod By Baby Paul aka BpZy - Beatfanatik for D.O.E.)

17. Tragedy Feat. Jusmula & Mikey Bloodshot (Prod By Baby Paul aka BpZy - Beatfanatik for D.O.E.)

18. Lil Fats, Sha Stimuli, Cymarshall Law, Add 2, Miz & St. Laz - Coast 2 Coast Cypher 1 (Prod By Young Asap)

19. Lil Fats, Cool Nutz, Glasses Malone, E. Ness, Mikey Vegaz & Wordsmith - Coast 2 Coast Cypher 2 (Prod By Young Asap)

20. Lil Fats Feat. Reed Dollaz, Tekneek, Big Lou & Sandman - Coast 2 Coast Cypher 3 (Prod By Young Asap)

21. Lil Fats, Tone Trump, Scholar, Play & Illaj - Coast 2 Coast Cypher 5 (Prod By Young Asap)

This concludes another week of "Free Music Friday." If you have any dope free music you would like to share in this site, don't hesitate to e-mail me @ I'll be glad to put your music out there, just holla!

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