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Free Music Fridays: Two Burners Edition
Posted by eTMh at Friday, July 24th, 2009 at 5:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Ladies and gentlemen, I apoligize for the delay. Last week was a mysterious miss, but no worrires, I have twice the heaters of free music for all y'all. Get ready, this one's a jiffy!

Atmosphere - Leak at Will EP
^ Earned 8 of 10 ratings on RapReviews!

[While this EP is an obvious jack to Ice Cube's "Kill at Will" EP title (pun intended for all Ice Cube fans), Atmosphere shows the world how he continues to bless the world with their fresh music, free or not. This one happens to be the former as they give you seven great tracks for you to listen to (including a brilliant remake/sequel of De La Soul's "Millie Pulled the Pistol on Santa" as the last track).]

1. C'mon
2. They Always Know
3. The Ropes
4. White Noise
5. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
6. Mother's Day
7. Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape

Derty Den and DJ Hitz - Southern Dynasty (Stall & Dean and Fluid Watches Edition)

[Carolina emcee Derty Den links up with DJ Hitz to release some of the bangin' fried Southern joints that's been heard all summer. They even had Stall & Dean and Fluid Watches as their sponsor, so you should know how legit this is]

1. Derty Den - Intro
2. Derty Den - D.O.A.
3. Young Jeezy - Sunny Days
4. Rick Ross - Eternal Life
5. Gucci Mane ft. Busta Rhyms - Hood Up
6. Lil Wayne ft. Gucci Mane - We Be Steady Mobbin
7. T.I. - Make U Sweat
8. Soulja Boy - I’m All That
9. Soulja Boy - I Got Mojo
10. Yung Joc - Grind Flu
11. Derty Den Interlude
12. Ed Ruger - Ballin Like A Midget
13. Team Irac ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Put It On Me
14. Ace Hood - Loco With The Cake
15. Lil Wayne -  Told Y’all
16. Gucci Mane - Wonderfull
17. Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry King - I’m A Fool Wit It
18. Rick Ross - Neverland
19. Gucci Mane - Running Back
20. Lil Wayne ft. Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine & Shanelle - Sacrifice
21. Plies - Becky
22. M.O.S. - Holla
23. Smallworld ft. Drake - Get Low
24. Derty Den ft. Gorilla Zoe - Fly Shyt
25. Rick Ross - Skyline
26. Derty Den - Outro

Drake - So Far Gone

[Ahem, just incase you've been wondering which album Drake's single "Best I Ever Had" is on, the answer is none. In fact, it was released on this free mixtape which became a breakthrough hit for this Toronto rapper/sainger. Here's the mixtape, in full, for you to hurry up and get before it becomes so far gone.]

1. Lust For Life
2. HoustonAtlantaVegas
3. Successful (feat. Trey Songz)
4. Let's Call It Off
5. November 18th
6. Ignant Shit (feat. Lil' Wayne)
7. A Night Off
8. Say What's Real
9. Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li)
10. Best I've Ever Had
11. Unstoppable (feat. Santogold and Lil' Wayne)
12. Uptown (feat. Bun B)
13. Sooner Than Later
14. The Calm
15. Bria's Interlude
16. Outro
17. Brand New

And here's a bonus Drake track for FREE:

DJ J-Ronin & DJ Snips with DJ Nino Carta: ALL ELEMENTS Freestyle Files Vol.1

[Three DJs, DJ J-Ronin, DJ Snips, and DJ Nino Carta, joined forces to collide some of the best emcess in the East, West, and Midwest to create this dope hip-hop mixtape of the summer. Be careful, your hard drive might combust into flames after d/l'ing this heater.]


1. Intro ft. DJ Nino Carta, DJ J-Ronin, DJ Snips, DJ Premier, DJ
Mister Cee, Kid Capri, Tony Touch and Doowop
2. Jaz-O - Black Republican Freestyle
3. Planet Asia - Fish Freestyle
4. Hell Razah and Killah Priest - Young Gifted and Black Freestyle
5. Ill Bill - ALL ELEMENTS 8 freestyle
6. Teflon from M.O.P. Sav Killz, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Steele from SmifN Wessun - ALL ELEMENTS Crooklyn Dodgers 07
7. Royce Da 5′9, AZ and Sav Killz - Success ALL ELEMENTS Blend Freestyle
8. Donny Goines - ALL ELEMENTS 10 Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
9. Raze - ALL ELEMENTS 5 Freestyle (prod. by Magnetic)
10. Steele from Smif N Wessun - Who Shot Ya Freestyle
11. Timbo King - ALL ELEMENTS 9 Freestyle
12. Sav Killz ft. Spit Supreme - Hoodlums and Crooks Freestyle
13. Poison Pen - The Brooklyn Way Freestyle
14. Killah Priest - The Letter Freestyle Session
15. Mistah Fab - J-Ronin Freestyle
16. Strong Arm Steady - ALL ELEMENTS vol.10 Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
17. Naledge of Kidz in the Hall - J-Ronin Freestyle
18. Hell Razah - Verbal Intercourse Freestyle
19. Phantasm of the Cella Dwellas - We Made It Freestyle
20. Killa Sha - Grimey Way Freestyle
21. Sav Killz - Danger Freestyle (prod. by The Molemen)
22. Famoso - Hardcore Freestyle (World Premiere)
23. Shabazz the Disciple - Children’s Story Freestyle (World Premier)
24. Gutta of the VietKong - This is My Life Freestyle
25. Miz - Hit Em Freestyle (World Premier)
26. Jeru tha Damaja - J-Ronin Freestyle
27. Skeem ft. Mz. Hustle and Paladino - Talk to Em Freestyle
28. Thirstin Howl III - Been Fresh Freestyle
29. Letia Larok - Rok Freestyle
30. J.ARCH - Staples Freestyle (prod. by DJ Snips)
31. Akir - Funk Died Freestyle (prod. by DJ Architect)
32. Outro ft. DJ Nino Carta, DJ Snips and DJ J-Ronin

DJ Noodles & Hunt - Pockets So Heavy Mixtape
[Tampa rapper Hunt and DJ Noodles creates "Pockets So Heavy," a mixtape full of head-noddin beats as well as rhymes of an emcee on the come up. Check it out!] 

1. Rising to the Top ft. Lee Wilson [prod. by Patrick Star]
2. Dum Dum Tress [prod. by Y.E.A. Productions]
3. Pockets So Heavy ft. Gucci Mane [Prod. by Grand Larceny]
4. Young Millionaire ft. 2 Pistols & Smitty [Prod. by Hustle Heart]
5. Show U How 2 Do It [Prod. by 76 Beats]
6. Talk it Over ft. Tyler Woods [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
7. Plaing By the Rules [Prod. by One Way Beats]
8. Microwave ft. Kocky, Ya Boy, Smitty [Prod. by Kocky]
9. I Had a Dream ft. J-Son [Prod. by Jaywon]
10. I'm Paid [Prod. by Hustle Heart]
11. If It Wasn't for my Paper [Freestyle]
12. Paper Touchin' [Freestyle]
13. Fuck Em All ft. Red Cafe & Fabolous [Freestyle]
14. Sunshine [Prod. by Ballistick Productions]
15. Breaktime ft. Nino Bless [Prod. by Hustle Heart]

J. Rawls - Hotel Beats Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

[Lone Catalyst's J. Rawls is no stranger when it comes to being a producer with classic beats (including on RapReviews' Nines acclaimed records, such as "Good Music" and "Hip Hop"). Rawls decides to release a beattape full of heaters that upcoming rappers can freestyle over or heads can just nod and relax to it. Here's a luxorious hotel quality music you could use for the night, without the expensive room prices.]

1. Intro/Peace
2. Red Peppers
3. Requiem for Brooklyn
4. Casina
5. Janea
6. A Game...
7. Michelle
8. Sunrise
9. Hotel Lobby Theme Music
10. Hold On To It
11. 4 A.M.
12. The Get Up
13. Light Shine
14. Together
15. Migrane
16. Feelin' Swell
17. The Go Between
18. Two Girls
19. Guess Who?
20. Equinox
21. Stand Down
22. Bonus Track: The Lee Morgan (Story by J Rawls & John Robinson Presents: JAY ARE)
23. American Idol (Alt Version) featuring L.e

K-Def - Beats from the 90's Vol. 2
[Join K-Def as he goes back into time with his beats that sounded like they were crafted in the 1990s, without sounding dated. Armed with only Akai MPC 3000 and S-3000, retro tools of the trade, Def provides in-your-face beats that'll leave a Kool-Aid smile to ya face. Yeeeeeeeah boyyyyeee!]

1. The Magnum
2. Watch Out
3. Preying Mantis
4. Heaven Or Hell
5. Survive The Blast
6. Hey Funkbox
7. Bring The Gat
8. Having A Bad Day
9. Redcoats Are Coming
10. Mystery Man
11. Orig Blind 1995
12. He Is Waiting
13. Guitar Licking

Kenn Starr - It's Still Real...

[Kenn Starr has been one of D.C.'s hip-hop best kept secrets for a while now. It's about time for him to be heard with this soulful "It's Still Real..." mixtape. These beats have been crafted from 2006 to now, but can you tell that? You don't know which one is a newborn or three years old because his fresh music proves that there's no expiration date on it. Check it out!]

1. Let It Be Known (feat. Hassaan Mackey & Silent Knight) (prod. Analogic)
2. The Truth (feat. Kaimbr) (prod. RODDYROD & Kev Brown)
3. In Check (feat. Oddisee & Supastition) (prod. Oddisee)
4. DJ Flexx Freestyle (’01 Throwback) (Live on WPGC Washington, D.C.)
5. It’s Time (feat. Soulstice, Eternia & Tiffany Paige) (prod. M-Phazes)
6. Low Budget All Stars (feat. Kev Brown, Oddisee, Cy Young & Kaimbr) (prod. Marco Polo)
7. Represent (feat. Akir & Oddisee) (prod. Oddisee)
8. That’s How We Kick It (feat. J. Sands) (prod. Chief)
9. Price 2 Pay (feat. Asheru, Oddisee & Darien Brockington) (prod. Oddisee)
10. DJ Eclipse Freestyle (’04 Throwback) (Live on WNYU New York, NY)
11. Wonder Why (feat. Wale, Big Sean & Mike Posner) (prod. 9th Wonder)
12. Q&A (feat. Oddisee) (prod. Oddisee)
13. The Dropoff (feat. JLaine) (prod. JLaine)
14. Kemistree Meets Low Budget (feat. Hassaan Mackey, Kev Brown & Gut) (prod. Young Cee)
15. DJ K.O. Freestyle (’04 Throwback) (Live on WRSU New Brunswick, NJ)
16. Coming Of Age ‘09 (prod. Nick Tha 1da)
17. Hennessey Pt. 3 (feat. Kev Brown & Raheem DeVaughn) (prod. Kev Brown)
18. Sum Ish For Dave (feat. Haysoos) (prod. 9th Wonder)

Kid Cudi - RiCUDIculous [The Freestyle Mixtape]

[Day and night, you've heard Kid Cudi's smash hit "Day N Nite" being played over the summer. In fact, most who have heard that song never heard how polite Cudi is on his mic skills. In other words, is he nice or not? Well, here's a new mixtape showing Cudi's freestyle in over 20 different tracks (along with a bonus track, as well)! Hear this dude out and you'll see that he ain't just another Kid on the block.]

1. Foggy Glasses
2. Sky High
3. Higher Up
4. Enough Freestyle Part I
5. Enough Freestyle Part II
6. On Da Spot Freestyle Part I
7. On Da Spot Freestyle Part II
8. Excuse My Hood (Kinda Like a Big Deal)
9. Who's Real Freestyle
10. Hottest In the Hood Freestyle
11. House Beat Freestyle
12. Too Short Freestyle
13. XXL Freestyle
14. Soundtrack to my Life Freestyle Bet
15. Respect My Conglomerate Freestyle
16. Paper Planes Freestyle
17. London Girls (Done Pimpin')
18. Drop (09) Freestyle
19. Cudi Spazzin'
20. Dose of Dopeness
21. Bonus Track: Off the Top Freestyle

Low Budget - Budget is Low Mixtape Vol. 1

[Ah yes, the budget is indeed low. In a time where we're going through a recession that's been sucking our money dry, we'll appreciate any free music that's give our wallets a sigh of relief. We'll doubly appreciate it if the free music is DOPE! Well, I'm going to be the one to top it of by saying it's better than DOPE - it's nearly  DRUG PARAPHERNALIA! I'm surprised I'm not arrested for supplying this to you. Chocolate City's own Low Budget gives it to you raw and uncut. Yeah that's pure man.]

DJ RODDYROD & DJ Marshall Law present…
The Budget Is Low Mixtape Vol. 001
1. Kev Brown - Another Random Joint
2. Oddisee - Hip Hop Is Cool Again
3. Sean Born - Go Hard (prod. Kev Brown)
4. The Al Green Project (Kaimbr & Kev Brown) - Grits
5. Kenn Starr - Say Goodbye (prod. Black Milk)
6. Kev Brown & RODDYROD - Down By The Riverside
7. Grap Luva feat. Kev Brown - Git Mines (prod. RODDYROD)
8. Diamond District - I Mean Business
9. RODDYROD feat. yU & Finale - Neva Find Me
10. RODDYROD - Take In Stride (prod. JLaine)
11. RODDYROD feat. Phonte & Carlitta Durand - This Time Around
12. Kaimbr feat. Kenn Starr - The Truth (prod. RODDYROD & Kev Brown)
13. RODDYROD feat. yU & XO - UNI-VERSE
14. Sean Born - Take It & Run (prod. Kev Brown)
15. The Al Green Project (Kaimbr & Kev Brown) - Songs (Hands Up)
16. Oddisee - Camera
17. Critically Acclaimed - Appreciation (prod. Sean Born)
18. Kev Brown feat. yU - Marvelous
19. Isaac Jones (Sean Born & Kenn Starr) - Keep It Movin (prod. Kev Brown)
20. Kev Brown feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Kenn Starr - Hennessey Pt. 3
21. Critically Acclaimed - Triple D (prod. Kev Brown)

Max Minelli - Backpack Dreams & Hip Hop Wishes

[This Louisiana emcee has been in the game for a hot minute. From rapping alongside J-Von and producer Happy Perez on Concecration Camp to selling over 50,000 of his solo catalogue independently. Here's a new mixtape from Max Minelli a/k/a Max Pain titled "Backpack Dreams & Hip Hop Wishes." Give it a listen or two!]

1. Backpack Intro
2. Brain Distortion
3. Full Metal Jacket
4. In My Street Dreams
5. Fresh 2 Def (Remix)
6. Dead Rappers
7. Pirahnna Bait
8. Miss My Doggs (Prod. by The Alchemist)
9. Padded Room
10. It Ain’t No Secret
11. Like They Love B.I.G.
12. Show You How To Do This
13. T.O.M.S
14. Take The Money
15. SLFEMP Sixteen
16. Robot Army
17. I Still Love Her
18. Dear Streets

Pac Div - Church League Champions

[Califonia-bred rap group Pac Div have been known as the underdogs for a while. This year, they're claiming their status as the big top dogs. "Church League Champions" features original Pac Div tracks rapping over hip-hop beats. Lend them an ear, it might be the last time seeing them below before they ascend to the top.]

1. Dick Vitale
2. We The Champs (Duke v. Carolina)
3. Pac Div
4. Mayor
5. For You
6. No No
7. Knuckleheadz
8. Whiplash
9. Underdogs (interlude)
10 Shut Up
11. Young Black Male
12. Never
13. Back

Sophia Fresh - So Phreakin' Fresh [Hosted by DJ Lil Boy]

[OOH WHEE, NAPPY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY~! If you never heard that term, you'd might as well better start get used to hearing it. Because Sophia Fresh, the superladies of T-Pain's Nappy Boy Entertainment, has this free tape out entitled "So Phreakin' Fresh."]

1. Check Me Out
2. What it Is ft. Kanye West
3. Kid N Play ft. T-Pain
4. Something
5. I Need Autotune
6. Drop It
7. Doin Me Without You
8. Lives in the Club ft. J-Lyriq
9. Make It Hot
10. Stuck
11. Soulja Boy
12. Work For It
13. Forever ft. Akon
14. Feel Good
15. Hot
16. Go Green ft. T-Pain
17. There They Go
18. Thats Right
19. No Diddy Party
20. Do The Dance
21. Super Bad ft. T-Pain
22. Hurt U So Bad
23. Nicolette

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Yesterday's link for this mixtape is currently down. But you can find a working link in their official website below.]
Wyld Money - G-Spot Music

[Straight from the V-Dot, is Wyld Money makin' music for the "G-Spot". This one'll be the ladies pleaser, minus the batteries. Check this mix out, but if you have a lady, listen at your own risk.]

1. Intro
2. Rockin' That Thang ft. Luke James XIII
3. Shout
4. What You Girls Like
5. Turning Me On
6. Virginia
7. Baby I See You ft. Owe & Smoke Official
8. Voicemail
9. Fuck Me Through The Phone ft. Luke James XIII
10. Downtown ft. Cali Stylz & Hollow
11. Intermission
12. We Run The Night ft. Junior Reid
13. Smoke With Me
14. Blame it
15. I'm That Nigga
16. Can I Get That ft. Delicia Gordon
17. Love In Lenox ft. Priscilla Polet
18. Fucking You Tonight ft. Luke James XIII
19. Fall Back ft. Marsha Ambrosius
20. Outro

This concludes a crazy week of Free Music Fridays. Again, I apoligize for such a delay. Hope this one is well worth it. If you have any free music you would like to be placed on this site, please e-mail me at with the subject as "Free Music Fridays: {insert title here}". Thank you!

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