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Free Music Friday: "Bak 2 Skool" Edition
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Ah yes, schoooooool's in...for autumn! But the summer ain't over yet, so isn't this supply of dope free music for your ears to listen to. Pay close attention and take notes on how free music can be worth your imaginary money.

B.o.B a/k/a Bobby Ray :: Should Have Been the First Album

[Folks at 2DopeBoyz got some cajones to put this one out. As we all know, this very talented cat name Bobby Ray a/k/a B.o.B is signed on a major label, Atlantic, but as of this writing, no albums have been released yet. Fueled by the the despise of Atlantic Records and talented cats, sich as B.o.B, not being played on the radio, 2DopeBoyz decided to make an unofficial/"this-should-have-been-a" debut for Bobby Ray. Whether Atlantic'll release an upcoming B.o.B album or not, talented should never be wasted and it's all in here. Check it out!]

1. Sing My Song
2. Hip Hop Ain't Dead
3. My Story
4. Generation Lost
5. Haterz (f/ Rick Ross and Juvenile)
6. Middle of the Day
7. Grip Your Body
8. Mello Fellow
9. Daddy
10. Use Your Love
11. Created a Monster
12. Left Field
13. Camera
14. I'll Be N Da Sky
15. Cloud 9

Beamen/Session :: Too Much TV

[These Massachusettes-born-and-Atlanta-residing duo named Beamen/Session, consisiting of Session and Willie Beamen, decides to pay homage to the classic sitcoms from back in the days by remixing some of the most memorable theme songs television has shown. If your head if filled with the migranes of some of the so-called "reality" shows of today, take this free mixtape as your asprin to sooth your nostalgic needs.] 


1. Monkees
2. Dragnet
3. Gimme a Break
4. Tonight's Show
5. Bionic Man
6. Lucy (feat. B Simone)
7. Panther
8. Cheers
9. Dallas
10. Brand NEw Life
11. Small World
12. Taxi
13. Gimme a Break re-run
14. We Gonna Do It
15. Honeymooners (feat. Intl. K Gumbo)

Garcia :: Back from the Dead


[Coming out of Miami, Garcia is making his mark in the game full of rappers from the M-I-A. With DJ EFN co-sign and N.O.R.E. doing the hosting duties, Garcia is showing that he is not playing as he release this mixtape filled with original joints, including a Charles Hamilton diss. Although he's "Back from the Dead," Garcia is grateful of his newfound opportunity to make it big like, say, Jerry Garcia.]

1. N.O.R.E. Intro
2. American Phsycho (Intro)
3. American Phsycho (feat. Verse 1) [Prod. by Nick "Fury" Lewis]
4. Kick Rocks (feat. Blocksmith) [Prod. by Sharpsound]
5. Personal Satan (feat. Gizel Venier) [Prod. by Diaz Bros.]
6. Anyway the Wind Blows [Prod. by Hazardis Soundz]
7. N.O.R.E. Interlude
8. Brooklyn Girl (Charles Hamilton Diss)
9. Cry For Me [Prod. by Hazardis Soundz]
10. I Hate Music (feat. The Dysfunct)
11. So Much Trouble [Prod. by Nick "Fury" Lewis]
12. I Wish [Prod. by Square]
13. Blind (feat. The Dysfunct)
14. N.O.R.E. Interlude 2
15. EPK (Video Bonus)

Ghostface Killah :: Wizard of Poetry Sampler

[I know what many were thinking when it was revealed that Ghostface is dropping an R&B album. "Aw naw! Don't tell me Pretty Toney is REALLY tryna be Pretty and start singing over generic sappy beats in Autotune!" Well, for the Ghostface lovers and now-haters (yes, I'm talking to y'all too!), you can hear exactly what to expect on his upcoming "R&B" album. If you angrily refuse to download it, do it anyway! You'll find out Ghostface still stays who he is with different styles and flavors to offer for listeners. Just do it!]

1. Baby (feat. “Radio” Raheem Devaughn)
2. He’s A Gonner (I Got Ya) (feat. Lloyd) (snippet)
3. Let’s Stop Playin’ (feat. John Legend) (snippet)
4. Forever
5. Computer Love

Hannibal King :: Eating Cornbread on the Millenium Falcon

[Okay, this is so and by far the weirdest mixtape album cover and title I have ever posted on Free Music Friday. First, what's a Hannibal King? Second, why is he wearing a Stormstrooper mask? And third, why is he holding a plate full of coh'nbread? You may never know, but you know good hip-hop music when you hear one and this joint is as fresh as a botch of cooked buttery cornbread..err, in a Millenium Falcon.]

1. Intro
2. My Poetry feat. Nero and Donny Goines
3. Men of Respect feat. Brown Bag AllStars
4. Triumph (Hanni Fresh Mix) - Big Tone, Blu and Jabee
5. Rock It On feat. The Ill Spoken
6. Let Me Ride feat. El Prez, Cambatta and Mike Milan
7. How I Represent Part II feat. AC, J. Conway, Nero, Harlem’s Cash and Esso
8. Shine On feat. Jabee and Dewey Binns of 8 Bit Cynics
9. Life’s Too Short feat. K. Sparks
10. Where Is Love feat. Mike Milan
11. Reeces Peaces

Havoc :: From Now On The Mixtape

[Just because Mobb Deep member Havoc's partner-in-rhyme Prodigy is currently in the pen, that doesn't stop Havoc from reppin' Mobb and write dope rhymes with a pen. Havoc stay keeping his Dunns thoro with this free mixtape entitled "From Now On." Repping co-signs from G-Unit and Shake 'Em Down Music, Havoc offers his latest and greatest for free. This mixtape is so rough and rugged, none will be able to say it ain't the reaaaaaaal...]

1. Smells Like 9/5
2. What's That Smell?
3. Bang Bang ft. Lloyd Banks
4. That's How You Feel?
5. Fly With Me
6. Always Have a Choice
7. Letter to P
8. Handle My Handle
9. Call from Cousin Ferb (Skit)
10. H is Back
11. You Know My Name ft. Philthy
12. Keep on Talking ft. Prodigy
13. Computer Crash (Skit)
14. Going OT
15. Sex Tape
16. You Take Her ft. Freeway and Termanology
17. Believer

Bonus Tracks

18. 24k Rap f. Raekwon
19. Evil Deeds f. Ghostface & RZA


J.Period and K'Naan :: The Messengers Digital EP Preview

[Alright, if you're oogling at the cover, don't get too excited yet. Because this is just a preview of K'Naan's "The Messenger EP," featuring tributes to three late great artists, Fela Kuti, John Lennon, and Bob Marley. The real thing is coming out in September 1st (don't know if it's free or not), but this one should keep all the fans in hold until then.]

1. Let's Start (Fela Kuti Tribute)
2. Belly Full (Bob Marley Tribute)
3. Relationships Lay (Bab Marley Tribute)

Pitbull :: Shittin on the Industry

[¡Atención, este mixtape es calor! Pitbull is unleashed and is making heat for the summer with this 30+ track (WHOA!) mixtape. I don't know if his stomach is heated, as well, beacuse he feels the need to be "Sh*ttin on the Industry" with these firey joints that'll keep CDs and mixtapes burning up. No one knows if an albums on the way, but this'll definitely keep Pitbull fans satisfied.]

1. Rebelution (Prod. By DJ Noodles And DJ Buddha)
2. Triumph (Feat. Avery Storm)
3. Pitbull Speaks #1 (Skit)
4. Maybach Music 3 (Feat. T-Pain)
5. Nobody Do It Better
6. Conglomerate
7. Survival Of The Fittest
8. Picture Me
9. City Of Gods (Feat. Trick Daddy)
10. 5 Star (Feat. Yo Gotti)
11. Watch It Drop
12. Cocaine Cowboy
13. Shittin On The Industry (Skit)
14. Nothing Nothing
15. Dope Ball (Prod. By DJ Noodles)
16. The Music Biz (Skit)
17. Can’t Stop
18. Yayo (Feat. Billy Blue)
19. What They Want
20. Bad Girls (Feat. Robin Thicke)
21. Google Me
22. Can’t Tell Me Shit
23. Give Em What They Ask For
24. Therapy
25. O-K
26. I’m The Shit (Noodles Mix)
27. I’m In Miami Trick
28. Birthday Sex
29. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
30. Fire Burning (Feat. Sean Kingston)
31. Back To The Future
32. Hotel Room Service (Urban Mix)

Quite Nyce :: Hello...My Name Is Quite Nyce

[Quite Nyce is definitely quite nice on the mic. He's one of the rappers who shows how the love and respect for the game takes you the furthest. He's also been in the game for minute or two. If you need the proper knowledge to his style, here's a catch-up mixtape aptly titled "Hello...My Name is Quite Nyce." You'll find the perfect introduction on how Quite Nyce he is.]  

1. Hello
2. This is My Life
3. Say Goodbye (feat. Access Immortal)
4. Clap
5. The Spirit
6. Breaking Point (AIP Remix) (feat. Q-Unique and Seek)
7. On the Run
8. Medicine
9. Hope (feat. Seek)
10. Jazzolution
11. Is It Love (feat. Lorrello)
12. DJ & Emcee (feat. Seek)
13. The Line Drawn in the Sand (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze)
14. The Specialist (feat. iCON the Mic King)
15. Boom Bap
16. Head Over Hills
17. I Alone
18. Evolve

Soulico :: Exotic on the Mixtape

[Israel DJ collective Soulico is dropping "Exile on the Speaker" on September, an eclectic hip-hop record featuring appearances by Ghostface Killah, Lyrics Born, Del the Funky Homosapien and more. While y'all are waiting for it, they have this mixtape available for all to listen and it contains many remixes and appearance from many acclaimed rappers. Check this one!]

1. Omri's Drop
2. Exotic Introduction
3. "Exotic On The Speaker" (Soulico Edit) / Cutty Ranks "Pon Pause (Acapella)"
4. "Bo Be Easy" ft. Axum and C. Le (Edit) / Bangers & Cash "Loose (Instrumental)" / Modeselektor "The Dark Side of the Sun (Edit)"
5. "Pitom Banu 2020" ft. Axum, Peled, and Ortega (Remix)
6. "Politrix" ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
7. Sabbo ft. Livity "Dem A Gangsta"
8. Balkan Beat Box "Digital Monkey (Soulico Remix)"
9. "Put 'Em Up" ft. Lyrics Born and Axum
10. Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. "Bang (Shimmy Sonic Remix)"
11. "Avood Me'ahava" ft. Oren Barzilay (NDV Remix)
12. Shimmy Sonic "Robot"
13. "Jim & Joe" ft. Onili
14. "SOS" ft. Pigeon John and Ceci Bestida / Bounty Killer "I Am (Acapella)" / Horace Andy "Rasta Don't (Dub)"
15. "Queen of Hearts" ft. MC Zulu / Unfinished Business Riddim (Instrumental)
16. "There 4 Me" ft. Alijah
17. "Darbukaton Interlude"
18. "30 Year Old Baby" ft. Fishi
19. "Body Work" ft. MC Zulu (Noiz in Zion Remix)
20. "1000 Nights" ft. Ravid Kahalani (Soulico Remix)

The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series 2009

[If you have never heard of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series, now's the time and right here is the place! Every year, the alcohol beverage comany locates some well-known and respected rappers and creates some dope remakes with some of the new-school artists and/or producers. You should check these out even if you're not old enough to drink yet (like me)!]

1. Nice & Smooth - Funky For You '09 (feat. Pac Div and Tyler Woods)
2. Buckshot - I Got Cha Opin '09 (feat. Kardinal Offishall)
3. Nas - If I Ruled the World '09 (feat. feat. Marsha Ambrosius)


That's it for the "Bak 2 Skool Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at kirenamloh@msn.com. If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up and/or questions, e-mail me at kirenamloh@msn.com, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all!  Two fangas, one love....

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