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Braille Blog Update
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 3:15AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

To my friends all over the world!!!

I've kind of fell off the wagon with newsletter updates and stuff.  I honestly had to take a month or two away from "heavy grinding" and focus on other things going on in my life.  The lease on our current residence is up at the end of October, we were considering moving back to Salem Oregon so that we could be close to family - but after further consideration we felt drawn in a different direction.  We actually started toying with the idea in 2008 but decided to stay settled in Oregon.  None the less, we feel like it's time for a move - and after exploring our options we feel peace about packing up and heading for San Marcos, CA.  Might seem like a random location but there are many draws.  First of all, the majority of my business partners and the people who have strongly supported my career all exist in the San Diego region.  (San Marcos is about 35 minutes north from Diego).  Syntax Records (, Jedidiah Clothing (, The Glue Network ( and NOTW Clothing ( are all located near by.  I've also been fortunate to be booked for concerts in California 10 or 12 times this year and all the events have been successful.  Beyond that, we enjoy the weather and have a lot of friends that we've met over the years.  We are sad to move away from family, away from the local music scene in Portland (THANKS!!!!  you can trust I will be back) and our home church Solid Rock (!!!  Thankfully we already have a church home that we intend to plug into.  We have visited The Movement Church ( 4 or 5 times in the last year and we've always felt a strong connection.  So yeah, a lot of excitement involved in the whole situation.  I will obviously be back in the Northwest very often, weather to visit family or rock shows.  The Northwest will always be a huge part of who I am (spent 90% of my life here so far).

I could pretty much end this newsletter on that note but I got a few more updates.

1. Support literacy among the blind - buy a Braille silver dollar coin today!!!!  I had the pleasure of attending the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam.  I hosted the talent show and performed for over 200 kids.  I would feel really encouraged if 50 people or more bought coins within the next month just based on reading this newsletter.  Go to this link to learn more -

2. The Sojourn album "Sojournalism: The Summer Articles" is coming right up.  We had a slight manufacturing delay, just making sure the artwork printed correctly but we should have CDs on hand very soon.  The release date was intended to be September 1st but it will be pushed back one or two weeks max depending on the retailer.  We are very excited to share this Sojourn album with everyone - and once my family gets settled in Cali we plan to re-focus the label and start hitting it hard again.

3. My tour schedule in October is gonna be pretty official.  Check it out below

Oct. 1-3 (A3C Festival in Atlanta)
Oct. 4th (CrossOver Church in Tampa, FL)
Oct. 7th-9th (Poh-Hop Portland Hiphop Festival)
Oct 10th (Cali show - still pending)
Oct. 15th (Baltimore - still pending)
Oct. 16th (Pittsburgh, PA)
Oct. 17th (Toledo, OH)
Oct. 18th (Indianapolis)
Oct. 19th (St. Louis - AVAILABLE)
Oct. 20th (Springfield, MO - AVAILABLE)
Oct. 21st (Oklahoma City)
Oct. 23rd (Albuquerque, NM - AVAILABLE)
Oct. 24th (Phoenix, AZ - AVAILABLE)
Oct. 25th (San Diego)

after that, we will fly home - finishing packing up our stuff and prepare to drive the moving truck!!!!  There is also a Halloween show in Seattle and a special show in Portland in the works at the very end of the month.

4. I have a few more "Blessed Man" shirts left.  If your interested then hit me up.  I also printed some new "B-Boy Karate Kid" shirts that are available as well.  I will have pictures up at all my social networks -, and

5. We have officially given out 15,000 copies of the "CloudNineteen" CD.  Pretty amazing.  We are trying to raise money to print another 1,000 copies for our road trip in October.  If you'd like to help us with that then hit me up.  If you'd like to support us during this transition (move) then picking up a t-shirt or something would be helpful.  WORD UP

6. I have about 80% of my new album "Audibly Enhanced Dreams" written.  There is no official release date planned yet but I will be spending a week in Syntax Studios this September to finish most of the recordings.

THANKS to everyone for the support, encouragement and so forth.  We are entering a new season and the possibilities are wide open.  My ultimate goal is to just be faithful over the territory GOD places me in, to give him the glory and be a good steward over the resources he places in my possession.  MUCH LOVE.  peace and GOD bless
Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |

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