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Free Music Friday: The Greedy Edition
Posted by eTMh at Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 4:30PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Alright, alright, alright. I got a lot of free mixtape and albums up in my bag and I'm giving them all away. If you've been greedy for some free music, this is your week!

AMG (Advantage Music Group) :: Chapter 2 Street Soul


[AMG (the Advantage Music Group, not the one who screams "Bitch Betta Have My Money") haves this collection filled with many talented underground artists you might have, rarely, or never heard. AMG does a good job helping you catch up with many emcees such as Prince Po, Ill Poetix, 7even, Keith Masters, and more. This is that underground radio waves wouldn't catch, but it'll be easy for you to dig into this.]

1. Tone Liv "PaintOnTheWall"
2. Jansport J "We Made It"
3. Nutrageous "Cruisin' in NYC"
4. Arsun F!st "Fist State of Mind"
5. Tha Connection "Sentido"
6. Cambatta "Middle Finger"
7. Wildelux "All in All"
8. Ill Poetix "Details"
9. Flow Montana "2Day's MaThMaTiKz"
10. Keith Masters "I Love To Floss"
11. Prince Po & D Strong "Get Off The Playground"
12. Tha Connection "Royale"
13. 7even:Thirty "Eskalatorz"
14. Ill Poetix "Cuz I Love You"
15. Malay Sparks & GQ "Hip Hip Remains"
16. Prolifical "Mona Lisa"
17. Ill Knowledge & Malay Sparks "To The Masses"
18. Jon Wayne "Unconcious Rapper"
19. Glad2Mecha "Universal Language"
20. Prince Po & D Strong "Superiority Complex" Remix
21. Mac "Lift The Audience"

AMG Chapter 3: Beatmakers Edition Preview:
22. Baker "Beat 07 (Inst)"
23. Trash Mono "Prog Trash"

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 92 Hosted by Tone Trump

[Coast2Coast makes another appearance on "Free Music Friday" and, as usual, they give some of the hottest joints from the Grimey East, the Wild Wild West, the Chilly North, and the Dirty South. Philly rapper Tone Trump hosts the mixtape as Coast2Coast waste no time gettin' it crackin'.]

1. Tone Trump - For The Game
2. Lil Wayne - Soo Woop
3. Drake Feat. Nipsey Hussle - Killer
4. Tone Trump - How I'm Livin
5. Young Buck - The Morning Paper
6. Pitbull Feat. B.O.B. - Across The World
7. Warren G Feat. Raekwon & Nate Dogg - 100 Miles and Runnin
8. Saigon - Aye Aye Aye
9. Scholar - Im A Rapper
10. Jay Rock - Successful Remix
11. Tone Trump - Hustle Hard
12. Wale - My Sweetie
13. Bobby Creekwater Feat. Stat Quo - Spotlight
14. Kurupt Feat. Freeway - Check Check
15. Tone Trump - Hood Pulse Freestyle
16. BUG - Sensi
17. Amtrak Feat. Sha Stimuli - Look Into The Mirror
18. Seaclipse - Bad Chick
19. BizZ - Okay, Im Hot
20. The Alumni - $1000 Outfit
21. ROX - Without You
22. FROSTIE - Explicit
23. B. Howard - Aint Nothin
24. Jake Lee Lopse - My Way
25. Surface - Weed Mambo
26. Tone Trump - Outro

DJ Bobby Black & Gorilla Zoe :: Diamonds & Dope

[Gorilla Zoe reminded you to "Don't Feed the Animals" last year, this year he's linking up with DJ Bobby Black to take you out of the zoo to the "Diamonds and Dope." Ah, Diamonds and Dope, the essential hood items needed to be the dopest dope seller on the block (pun intended).]

1. DJ Bobby Black & Gorilla Zoe - Diamonds & Dope Intro
2. Hood Nigga Pt. 2
3. Alright (Patron)
4. What's Happnin
5. Wee
6. Sauced Up, Splashed Out feat. Jason
7. Gwala feat. Kollosus
8. Goonie Gobblins
9. Gorilla Zoe Dope Talk
10. Woozy
11. Hustlin feat. Kollosus
12. Brake Her Back
13. Gorilla Zoe Diamond Talk
14. Live My Life
15. Green Light Go
16. DJ Bobby Black Outro
17. In My Hood

DJ Drama & Tony Yayo :: Gangsta Paradise

[When G-Unit and Gangsta Grillz (or GRIZZ-ILLZ for avid Dramatic listeners) collide, you should already know the game is gonna turn into a bloody carnage. If the cover doesn't show you how gangsta they get, hear the joints for yourself below. They've been spending most their lives living in "Gangsta's Paradise," but you ain't gotta spend a thang to cop this.] 

1. Drama
2. Roll it Up
3. Cut Throat Shit
4. Swamp Nigga
5. Kushhh
6. Triagga
7. Da Man
8. Bitch Niggaz
9. In Motion
10. 1000 Degreez
11. Sleepwalk
12. Gangsta Shit

DJ Little Row Presents Real Talk Radio Vol. 4 (Double Cover Special Edition)
[A Canada DJ called DJ Little Row has many big emcees lined up in a row for his weekly mixtape series called "Real Talk Radio." We happened to catch up with him on the fourth volume as it features joints by Soulja Boy, Fabolous, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Nas, Ma$e, and more. This tape may have some joints radio doesn't even play yet, Real Talk.]


1. Intro
2. Ludacris-OG's Theme
3. Rox-Danger
4. Ton Trump-Wifey
5. IlldotLogic-Hydroplane
6. Big Mike Checks In
7. Billy Blue Featuring Akon-Story Of My Life
8. Black Dada Featuring Rick Ross & Birdman-I'mma Zoe (Remix)
9. Paper Route Gangstaz-Keyshia Cole
10. Souf East Featuring Bobby Valentino-I Do That
11. Triple C's Featuring Rick Ross & Young Jeezy-Everyday
12. Murph Featuring Rick Ross-Gotta Get Paid
13. Metro Featuring E-40 & Young Buck-I Might Go
14. Lil Wayne-Million Dolla Baby
15. Calico Jonez Featuring Soulja Boy-I Fucked Yo Bitch
16. Fabolous Featuring Kobe-I'mma Do It
17. 2Pac Featuring Snoop Dogg-It Theres A Cure (I Don't Want It)
18. Rakim-Holy Are You
19. Ma$e Featuring Cam'ron & Da Kid Rossy-Get it
20. OJ Da Juiceman-Gimme Twenty Dollars
21. Nas-Film
22. The Game-I'm So Wavy
23. Outro

DJ Noodles & Jay-Z :: BP3-Qual
Blueprint III
[NY's DJ Noodles, Fix Your Face, and  creates a Jay-Z mash-up/blend mixtape entitled "BP3-Qual" while fans wait for "Blueprint 3" to drop in September 11th. You'll hear many remixes of Jay-Z joints that were released over the past year in Blueprint 3 quality. I mean, this is nearly like the record itself was already released officially. Check it out!]

1. Say You Will (Jay-Z + Rihanna)
2. Successful (Jay-Z + Nas)
3. 1000 Stacks (Jay-Z + Young Jeezy)
4. DOA Part II (Jay-Z + Kanye West)
5. The One (Jay-Z + Lil Wayne)
6. Roc(Nation)Boys
7. Run This Town (Jay-Z + Rihanna + Kanye West)
8. Lust for Life (Jay-Z + Drake)
9. Off That (Jay-Z + Drake)
10. The Real (Jay-Z + Kanye West + Jadakiss)
11. He Asked For It
12. I'm Addicted (To Fresh)
13. September 11th (Interlude)
14. Brooklyn Bucks
15. History

DJ Smallz & Paypa Boy:: Paypa Works

[Straight outta D.C. is an emcee named Paypa Boy, throwing this free mixtape right to your door. With DJ Smallz on his side and an album called "Payparoute" coming soon,  this maixtape keeps you up on Paypa's rap and style. The two main agendas Paypa focuses on are the streets and paypa (the money). And you'll hear all of that on "Paypa Works," check it out!]

1. Fear Factor Intro
2. I Got Work
3. Stay Working
4. Paypa Boy
5. Best of Da Best
6. Cold Out Here
7. I'm So Fly
8. H.G. Hit Squad
9. Young Veteran
10. Paypa Works Outro

DJ Whoo Kid Presents Trav :: Follow Me

[Repping Queens, NY, Trav has came from a long way yet he still has a long road ahead of him. Although he has an official co-sign from Whoo Kid, Trav is still seen as a new jack who's up to following the successful footsteps of Queens rappers such as 50 Cent, Nas, and Mobb Deep. Or Trav is making footsteps of his own as he invite listeners on his free mixtape to listen and to "Follow Me."] 

1. No Bright Days
2. Know
3. Follow Me
4. Is Everything Ok Pt. 1
5. Stay On The Low
6. Suite & Tie Ft. Rain
7. Money On My Head
8. I'm So Horny
9. Ride The Wave
10. First Name Last Name
11. Be Mine
12. My Bitch

EMP Ent & Record Breaker Djs presents...B-Eazy :: Mr. HimOvaThere (Hosted By
DJ Stretch)

[Wisconsin native B-Eazy is a young emcee coming out of the Cheese State to bring you "Mr. HimOvaThere" for free. DJ Strach, from the Record Breakers, host the tape as B-Eazy brings you his vibe and vibrations and gives you a reason why you should focus on "Mr.HimOvaThere"] 

2. Mr. HimOvaThere
3. I'm Back (Karaoke Freestyle)
4. Get Aquainted Ft. Streetz Of SNYD (Prod. By Erik The Con)
5. Stunt Hard Freestyle
6. Slam Doors Ft. Astro & Streetz Of SNYD (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
7. Doin' My Thang (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
8. Jockin' Freestyle Ft. Milwaukee Mars
9. Swag Attack (Shawty Pt. 1) Ft. Streetz N Young Deuces
10. What Up
11. Drop Freestyle (Stop)
12. Draped Up Freestyle Ft. Patski & Streetz Of SNYD
13. Stage On Fire Ft. Young Deuces Of SNYD
14. I'm A Fool Wit It
15. Got It Made Ft. Milwaukee Mars (Prod. By AK Shellz)
16. Make 'Em Sit Down
17. Everybody Wanna Ft. Young Deuces Of SNYD
18. I'm That Nigga Ft. Carlo Kees (Of The U)
19. Abstract Remix Ft. Milwaukee Mars & SNYD (Prod. By Rell Beatz)


EMP Ent presents...Payroll-n-Patski :: Forgotten City

[EMP Ent. decided to hit me up with not one but two mixtapes for y'all to hear. This one is from Payroll-n-Patski and they're reppin' the "Forgotten City" a/k/a Milwaukee Buckshot City. Y'all think Milwaukee is full of elks and forest (well, maybe they DO have some trees, if you get my drift), then THINK AGAIN!]

1. Forgotten City - Reppin Time - Intro
2. Redeem 09'
3. Feel Me Comin ft. Trael Thomas
4. Backpack ft. Trael Thomas
5. Louie Bag Freestyle ft. B-Eazy
6. Straight Drop ft. The EMP CAMP
7. Yo Gotti Freestyle Patski ft. Young Deuces
8. Bad Side
9. Milwaukee Shottas
10. Get Em - Patski
11. All About My Cake - Payroll
12. Cash Flow
13. Sick & Tired
14. Dipset Anthem Freestyle - Patski ft. Trael Thomas
15. Milwaukee Dome
16. Donk Freestyle ft. Streetz
17. Baby ft. Streetz
18. Quiet Storm
19. I'ma King Patski ft. Trael Thomas
20. Stop Playin
21. Paper Planes Freestyle
22. Swagga Like Us Freestyle ft. Young Deuces & B-Eazy
23. Feel Me Comin' (Remix) ft. Streetz & Young Nova


EMP Ent & The Aphilliates presents...Streetz & Young Deuces - Straight Drop Muzik (Hosted By Dj Head Debiase)

[EMP Ent. decided to hit me up with not one, not two, BUT THREE MIXTAPES for y'all to hear! This thrid one if from Streetz n Young Dueces givin' y'all a "Straight Drop Muzik." Man, the satte of Wisconsin ain't playing. Guess we need to stop sleeping on the Midwest y'all! Check it out!]


1. Intro
2. All My Life
3. DJ Drama Speaks
4. Staright Drop Muzik (Prod. By Dj Triza)
5. Shawty So Strapped Feat. Eliseo Of Treal (Prod. By The Franchize)
6. My City (Prod. By K-Monsta)
7. Semi Flow (Prod. By Dj Triza)
8. Gucci (Prod. By Dj Triza)
9. Crazy (Prod By Dj Triza)
10. Welcome 2 Da Mil (Prod. By Juss Fresh)
11. Get It In
12. Willie The Kid Speaks
13. Limelight (Prod. By Uncle Ruck)
14. Wangin' (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
15. Freestyle [Cannon Beat] Feat. Yo Dot, Prophetic & B-Eazy
16. Who I Be (Prod. By Trapademic)
17. Ask About Me Feat. Hk
18. Everybody Know Me (Prod. By 2Much Of Btp)
19. Jumpin' Out The Phantom (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
20. You Know Me [Remix] Feat. Jeff Johnson
21. Cop A Squat (Prod By 2Much Of Btp)
22. Break Ya Ankles
23. Use To It (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)
24. I Remember (Prod. By Juss Fresh)
25. Girls Like Base (Prod. By Astro Da Kid)

Flow Official :: Free Speech

Flow Official- Free Speech LP (Front)

[Florida rappers Omniscient & Emo creates a group known as Flow Official and their LP named "Free Speech" is available for a FREE download. This album focuses on everyday views along with head-nodding beats that'll keep you satisfied. Excercize your free rights to download by copping "Free Speech" for uh, FREE!]

1. Opening Act (Produced by Epidemik)
2. Same Game, Same Names (Produced by Epidemik)
3. My Love (Produced byPriest Classick, additional vocals by Buhda Golden)
4. Its a Wrap Featuring Bori Puro (Produced by Epidemik, addional vocals by Juancarr)
5. Play It Back (Produced byPriest Classick)
6. When I Feel Like Featuring Elohim & Ivis (Produced by Yvesdrop)
7. Under the Grey Skies Featuring Seven Star (Produced byPriest Classick)
8. A Tribute (Produced by Priest Classick)
9. Look Up (Produced by Epidemik)
10. Play Out Featuring St. Larok (Produced by Priest Classick)
11. Straight Chase (Produced by Priest Classick)
12. City Livin (Produced by Epidemik)
13. Vegas (Produced by Kodak, additional vocals by Juancarr)
14. Good Morning (Produced by Priest Classick)
15. Nickles & Dimes (Produced byMajor Keyz)
16. Beathe and Relax Featuring Soarse Spoken & Phamous (Produced byMajor Keyz)

Greed :: Deadliest Sin (Hosted by DJ On & On, Mixed by DJ 2Thirteen)

Chilla - The Countdown (Mixed By DJ 2Thirteen)

[Coming from Grindhard ENT and reppin' Roxbury, Massachusetts, Greed is showing listeners how greed can be one of the deadliest sin by referring himself as such to his oppenents. Mixed by DJ 2Thirteen and hsted by DJ On&On, Greed goes in on this mixtape and with this free mixtape, you can't get enough to fulfill your greed.]

1. Intro
2. Couple Hunned (Ft. Chilla)
3. I'm The Man (Ft. Chilla)
4. On & On Skit 1
5. Ingreedients (Ft. Chilla & Fly C)
6. Hate On Me Freestyle
7. The World Is Mine
8. Look @ Niggaz Now (Verse)
9. Love Me No More (Ft. Chilla)
10. Swag On (Verse)
11. On & On Skit 2
12. I Don't Believe You (Ft. Chilla)
13. On & On Skit 3
14. Keep Hatin'
15. Warriors (Verse)
16. Cake Freestyle (Ft. Hy Stakes)
17. On & On Skit 4
18. How I Roll (Ft. Chilla)
19. Best I Ever Had (Ft. Chilla)
20. Kiss My Ass (Ft. Chilla)
21. On & On Skit 5
22. Minority Report Freestyle
23. Dark Road
24. Can't Stop Me
25. Army
26. Enemy Of State (Ft. Chilla & Fatt Katt)

Masspike Miles - The Pursuit of Happiness 1.5 (The Revision)

[Although he's from Boston, he's known to chill with his peeps from M-I-Yayo, the Triple Cs' and Maybach Music crew. Although they're known for being flashy, Masspike Miles takes you on his "Pursuit of Happiness" that proves money isn't everything, but good music is.]

1. The Pursuit Ft. Rick Ross and DJ Khaled
2. Dats Dat Ft Freck Billionaire, B.G. And Smoke Bulga
3. One In The Chamber
4. Get It Together Ft Rick Ross
5. Magic Ft Rick Ross
6. Perfect Woman Ft Shawty Lo
7. Fuck What You Heard (remix)
8. Charlie
9. Rick Ross Interlude
10. Product Of My Environment Ft. Big Bank Shank
11. I'm Ridin
12. Here We Go Ft Yo Gotti
13. Never A Flaw
14. I Ain't Mad Ft Rick Ross & Triple C's
15. Put Ur Head On My Shoulder Ft Smoke Bulga
16. So High Ft Rick Ross
17. General
18. Act Like Ya Know Ft Smoke Bulga & Fabolous
19. Lookin How Im Feelin Ft Rick Ross & Antagonist
20. I'm Fly Ft. Yo Gotti & Terry Kennedy
21. Winner Ft. Yung Joc
22. What Is Ur Name (Nappy Boy remix) Ft T-Pain & Young Cash
23. Wine Fine
24. Word Of Mouth
25. Night and Day Ft. Young Breed of Triple C's
26. Bigga Rankin Outro
27. I'm Gone Grind Ft. Rick Ross (Bonus track)

Potholes In My Blog Presnts Transmitting Live Volume 1 (Mixed by DJ Traumatix)

Transmitting Live Vol. 1 Front

[Aw yes, I love the De La Soul title jack. decided to make a mixtape that showcases many underground hip-hoppers and rappers that the world should here. The tracklisting below'll give you more words that I could ever say. Just listen!]

1. Objektiv One – Intro (Beyon3)
2. Muneshine - Heavy Hitters (feat. Fundament & D-Sisive)
3. Trek Life – As The World Turns (Unofficial) (prod. 9th Wonder)
4. DJ Traumatix – Jansport J Scratch
5. K-Murdock – Up-Rizing (feat. Real Reid & Damu The Fudgemunk)
6. Joe Kickass – Gratitude (prod. Arts the Beatdoctor)
7. The Tones & Nichelle Brown – Stay
8. King Magnetic & Elucid - Double Your Money (prod. Haj of Dumhi)
9. Debaser (Ethic & Sapient) – Shuddup
10. J Freedome & MidaZ – Return With a Mask On (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)
11. Killing Skills – Van Dijck Brown
12. Dujeous – Open for Business (feat. Jigsaw the Puzzler) (prod. by Apex of Dujeous)
13. Jern Eye – What U Want (feat. The Regiment)
14. DJ Traumatix – Buff Fart Scratch
15. Buff1 – Good Gracious (prod. M-Phazes)
16. Keelay & Zaire – Pimp Dreams (feat. Slo Mo of Fortilive)
17. Kayo – Calling Me (feat. CooLEra & Kitda) (prod. Ritchcraft)
18. Descry – TV Customs (Swamburger & Alexandrah of Solillaquists Of Sound)
19. Blame One – Never Fit It
20. The Red Giants (Jermiside & Brickbeats) – Touchin’ You
21. Animate Objects – Look to the Sun (PV Wonder’s ‘Just Smile’ Remix) (feat. Charles Hammond Jr.)
22. TAIS – The Gold Rush (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
23. Jon Hope – Renaissance (prod. Taktix)
24. Panacea – Reasons (feat. Drew Thomas)
25. Dela - Oblighetto
26. Alternate Reality (Dumi RIGHT & Cadence) – Lovin’ That Heat
27. Big Tone - Liquor Store Counter
28. Sene – PaperPlanePushers (prod. Blu aka GODleeBarnes)
29. ESEMDEE – Hi-Tek FX Bachatiago Outro (feat. by DJ J.br0.5ki & DJ Ab-loon)


Raekwon :: Cuban Revolution Mixtape


[Many who can't wait for OB4CLII to drop will have to cop this joint and listen to Rae Guevara as he brings one of his grimiest and dirtiest songs to a free mxitape like this one. Nothing could prepare you for the album more.]

1. Cuban Revolution Intro
2. All That Money Is Us
3. Run Away (ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & GZA)
4. Better Shoot Something
5. Cipher Born (ft. Ghostface Killah & U-God)
6. Get Your Shit Beat In (ft. Polite, Chip Banks, Ghostface Killah & Trife Diesel)
7. Slang Copulation (ft. Nas, Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)
8. Curiosity
9. Iron Chef (ft. Ghostface Killah, Polite & Inspectah Deck)
10. A Wise Man
11. Cuban Revolution Interlude
12. We Gettin’ Knots (ft. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Big Pun)
13. Fearless Ninjas (ft. Ghostface Killah)
14. The All-Time Lineup (ft. American CREAM Team, Inspectah Deck & Method Man)
15. Live Kid (ft. Notorious BIG & Ghostface Killah)

Tools :: Tha Carter III Invasion

[I never heard of a rapper who reps three states at once. But this New York/Virginia/Massachusettes native named Tools got a mixtape for you refixing one of '08 biggest albums, "Tha Cater III" by Lil Wayne. Hosted by DJ Deadeye, Toolzy F. Baby takes the instrumentals if TCIII to out his own flow into it. Check it out!]

1. Da Invasion
2. King Benjamin Ft. Mokeout (of Hta)
3. I'm ili Ft. Mokeout (of Hta)
4. Got It Ft. Abdi
5. Uncomfortable Ft. Abdi
6. Gossip
7. Sky Captain
8. Handcuffed Ft. Famoso
9. Drownin'
10. Pick Me Up
11. Malywop
12. Firestarter Ft. Pen & Jax
13. Get It In
14. I Understand Ft. Mokeout & Famoso
15. Push
16. Deliverance (Prod. By: Peoples)

Trackstar the DJ & The Smoking Section present Anger & Ambition: The Best of Killer Mike

[Killer Mike is highly underrated, peroid. He should be revered as one of the Southern greats, sitting by Bun B, Ludacris, T.I., and 'Face. Killer Mike has been on his hustle since '01 and this mixtape'll help you catch up on the Monster if you've been sleeping on the awake and angry giant.]

1. Intro (prod. Johnny Killroy)
2. Bad Day Worst Day
3. God in the Building
4. Ain't No Love
5. The Juggernaut
6. Monster
7. Grandma's House
8. I'ma Shine
9. Rap Is Dead
10. Bust
11. Pressure
12. You Don't Want This Life
13. That's Life
14. The Devil is a Lie
15. Speak Lord
16. The Next Bitch
17. Promise I Will Not Lose
18. I Gotcha
19. G.T.R.G.
20. Akshon (Yeah)
21. Bang
22. Get Em Shawty
23. Aye O
24. Gat Totin
25. A.D.I.D.A.S.
26. Dueces Wild
27. A Dope Story

Trends :: The Best of Trends

["Free Music Friday" has been giving you so many of his free mixtapes, Trends decided to finally make his own "Best Of" mixtape. D/l this if you need to be up on the trend of Trends.]

1) Day By Day (produced by The Beat Show)
2) I'm Too Awesome (produced by Kajmir Royale)
3) Danger Feat. Joe Thrillz (produced by Steelwaterz)
4) All Y'all (produced by Bonnie Mayfield)
5) I'm A Beast( produced by Kajmir Royale)
6) I Got Rules (produced by Steelwaterz)
7) Wet Dream feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
8) One feat. Signe
9) Cum on the Dance Floor (produced by Steelwaterz)
10) Don't Wanna Text U (produced by Kajmir Royale)
11) Connect (produced by Kajmir Royale)
12) No (produced by Beat Connector)
13) Across the Sky (produced by Brainbug)
14) I've Tried Everything (produced by Sinima)
15) It Aint Simple (produced by Beat Connector)
16) Let Me Be feat. Sakinah (produced by Szmytko)
17) Will You feat. Sakinah (produced by Khalid)
18) Had a lot of Girls (produced by Flawless)
19) Don't you worry
20) Move the Crowd feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
21) I hate niggaz (produced by Arkreatek)
22) The Invisible Man (produced by Sell beats)
23) I Try (produced by Steelwaterz)
24) (Bonus) I'm Just Playing (produced by The Beat Show)


That's it for the "Greedy" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all!  Two fangas, one love....

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