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Braille on New Songs, Transitions and Updates
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 3:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Braille:

what's up ya'll?

This is Braille to the Brizzy.  I'm typing up this newsletter in Levelland, TX (check yo maps - you probably won't find it, haha).  I've been on the three amigos tour with my Queen and Princess.  We started out in Baltimore and are headed for San Marcos, CA to lock down our new place.  We spent most of this month packing up our townhome and moving all our stuff into storage.  After the tour we are flying home, picking up our belongings and driving a moving truck back to San Marcos.

With that in mind - I've been really busy handling personal business.  My "garage sale" of random CDs, T-shirts and posters went really well - however, I did drop the ball on a few orders.  Anyone who ordered posters, I didn't have the proper packaging and I realized very quickly that I was going to ruin the posters if I shipped them in the envelopes I had.  It was poor planning on my part and the whirldwind of the move didn't allow me time to get the necessary supplies.  If your order hasn't arrived yet please email me with a reminder of what you ordered and I will handle it right away.

The story behind our sudden move is a bit to long winded.  We were renting a townhome, the owner wasn't making payments and we got a two week notice to evacuate because the property was auctioned off to a bank.  So yeah, things just moved a bit faster then expected.

I did stay busy recording new songs this summer.  I just leaked a new song titled "Give Myself" from my new album "Weapon Aid".  You can listen to it at

PRESS RELEASE: "Weapon Aid" is an unexpected collection of songs that Braille wrote and recorded during the summer of 2009.  Production is primarily handled by BigJess of Unknown Prophets (MN) and also has tracks from Xperiment, DJ Cassidy and Kid Hum (all CO residents).  The only guest vocals are from Nikki "Tonya Bobanya" - Braille's wife of 7 years.  "Weapon Aid" will drop sometime in late November, self released by Braille on his Hiphop IS Music imprint.  This record is not to be confused with the "Audibly Enhanced Dreams" album that Braille has been preparing for Syntax Records (2010!!!)

I will create a download link with the mp3 of the new song and the cover so that ya'll can snag it for your blogs, websites, podcasts, mixtapes and personal use.  If you'd like this link just shoot me an email and I'll handle it as soon as I have proper internet connection for my laptop.  I tried to upload it to my FTP from this PC in Texas but I wasn't having much luck.  I'm a cyberduck dude on my macbook.

Final thoughts - Check out the Sojourn album on Itunes and support if your feeling it.  I will be moved into a new spot with my family in San Marcos, CA by the first week of November!!!  Weapon Aid is going to drop by the end of November - it's kind of unexpected and random but sometimes that's just how it happens in my career.  The promo push for "Audibly Enhanced Dreams" will be much more organized with Syntax Records - but "Weapon Aid" is just a collection of songs that literally leaked out of me and I felt it was necessary to share them with friends, fans and family while the material was fresh.  It's some very personal stuff and I think a lot of people will be able to relate with it.

much love.  peace and GOD bless
Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |

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