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Free Music Friday: Halloween '09 Edition
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This year Halloween falls on a weekend...and oddly so does FMF. Apoligies to those who were expecting an FMF last night and I'm here to let you know I got all the free music right here for you. And hopefully to make up for it, I happen to have one of the hottest mixtape from a soon-to-be-jailbird-for-a-year. Check 'em all

DJ DN³: This Is Chess…Not Checkers Vol. 1

[Let's start of with the mixtape by DJ DN³, whose album title is a quote from the movie Training Day. DN³ proves that one must think fast before they move with this mixtape right here. With appearances by some of the illest underground rappers some never heard, DJ DN³ ain't dealing with no pawns here.]

1. DJ Hero (f/ Dual Core, Random and Jermicide) (Scratches by DJ Les, DJ 755, and DJ C64)
2. The Future (f/ Random) (prob. Rei$go)
3. Windows of Bass (f/ Rockie Tyrade
4. Jumpin
5. We in Here (f/ Frank-n-Dank)
6. Fightin in the Streets (f/ Random)
7. Soulchild (f/ Musiq Soulchild) (co-prod. Dane "Da Blackasian" King)
8. PPA
9. I Miss the 80s' (f/ J Sayin', Beefy, Random and Natural)
10. Effortless (f/ Donwill of Tanya Morgan, Jon Bap, and Random)
11. Then We Rage (f/ Elucid)
12. Care Less (f/ Rockie Tyrade)
13. Woodah!?!? (f/ Random)

DJ Jazzy Jeff :: He’s The King, I’m The DJ


[The cover says it all. Jazzy Jeff cuts some of the greatest MJ cuts we've heard or probably never heard. Jazzy Jeff really dug into the crates for some of these MJ cuts as he mixes others with some of the classic rap jams you heard back in the day. Jeff's tribute to MJ will certainly not be the last. R.I.P. MJ.]

1. Lady in my Life
2. Ain't No Sunshine
3. Break of Dawn
4. Never Can Say Goodbye
5. Never Can Say Goodbye FFEJ Remix
6. Got to Be There
7. Rockin' Robin
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. We've Got a Good Thign Going
10. Butterflies
11. 2468 MJ/Pete Rock Mix
12. ABC Mix
13. Human Nature
14. Human Nature/Right Here Mix
15. They Don't Care About Us
16. You Rock My World
17. I'll Be THere FFEJ Remix
18. Darling Dear
19. Heartbreak Hotel
20. I Want You Back/Jump Mix
21. It's Great to Be Here
22. I Wanna Be Where You Are
23. Man in the Mirror Mix
24. I Can't Help It/Breakadawn Mix
25. Quincy Speaks/Liberian Girl Mix
26. Another Part of Me
27. Can't Let Her Get Away
28. Remember the Time
29. Blood on the Dance Floor
30. She Drives Me Wild
31. Keep It in the Closet
32. Why You Wanna Trip on Me
33. Dangerous
34. Blame It on the Boogie
35. The Love You Save
36. Rock With You Mix
37. Billie Jean
38. Bad
39. Black or White
40. Thriller
41. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
42. Off the Wall
43. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
44. Wanna Be Startin Something
45. Somebody's Watching Me
46. Can You Feel It?
47. PYT (Pretty Young Thin)
48. Going Back to Indiana
49. Ben

K. Sparks :: Super Senior

[K. Sparks has earned a lot of co-sign of this mixtape from many hip-hop websites, such as Kevin Nottingham and 2 Dope Boyz. However, K. Sparks' mixtape, particularly the title, comes with a message. A "Super Senior" is someone who repeats a certain process in life without evolving, such as a super senior who stays in school for years without graduating. If that ain't deep, then I don't know what is...]

1.  Introduction [prod. by King Flow]
2.  In The Building (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Claps]
3.  Super Senior [prod. by Kurser]
4.  Sunshine (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Pajozo]
5.  Spoken Word (Interlude) [prod. by Jae Monee]
6.  I Know [prod. by Kurser]
7.  Callin Me (Interlude)
8.  Callin Me (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Kurser]
9.  Todd From The Label (Interlude)
10.  Temperature (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by T Mos]
11.  Mind Drift [prod. by Thelonious Martin]
12.  Slum Dog Millions (f. Julius Francis & Dave Barz) [prod. by Kurser]
13.  Blind Man [prod. by Kurser]
14.  1800 Beloved (Interlude) [prod. by DJ King Flow]
15.  1800 Beloved [prod. by Kevin Fountain]
16.  On n On (f. Pugs Atomz & Tina Quallo) [prod. by Pajozo]
17.  Campus News Set Back Bill (Interlude)
18.  Microphone Fiend (f. Jeff Chery) [prod. by Kurser]
19.  Horns (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Haze]
20.  Girlfriend (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Kurser]
21.  Campus News Neighborhood Swap (Interlude)
22.  Ewww! [prod. by Haze]
23.  School Cypher (f. JD of Duality, D. Julien, Jeff Cherry, ThreatZ, and Lee Kid) [prod. by T Mos]
24.  Overtime [prod. by Hannibal King]
25.  Outro

Lil Wayne :: No Ceiling

[Aight, y'all may have heard that Lil Wayne will do a T.I. (pause...) and go to jail for a year. But before he go, he wants to send out this free mixtape for y'all to keep the fans satisfied before he goes to the big house. But I have a feeling that once Weezy is out of jail, he'll get back on top again and this tape just proves it. The two links below are just in case one of the links is broken.]

01 Swag Surfin’
02 Ice Cream Paint Job
03 D.O.A.
04 Interlude
05 Wasted
06 Watch My Shoes
07 Break Up f. Gudda Gudda & Short Dawg
08 Banned From TV
09 Throw It In The Bag (rmx)
10 I Think I Love Her f. Tyga & Shanell
11 Interlude 2
12 Wetter
13 I’m Good f. T-Streets
14 Make Her Say f. Jae Millz
15 Run This Town
16 I Gotta Feeling
17 Outro

Sean Price :: Kimbo Price (A Prelude to Mic Tyson)

[Y'all already know that Price is one of the realest MCs'/lyricists out there. To get heads ready for his upcoming "Mic Tyson" release, we give you "Kimbo Price," a mixtape full of the best Price B-sides and appearances of this year. It never lacks the vitamins and minerals and it's with no preservatives, just 100%.]

01. Intro 00:36
02. Ruckdown 02:15
03. Godfather Part P 01:54
04. Goodnite!!! (Feat. Petro & Royce Da 5'9) 02:55
05. Abortion (Feat. Flood Diesel) 02:21
06. TKO (Feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y) 02:41
07. Car Thiefs 01:38
08. Megasean 01:25
09. Boost (Feat. PF Cuttin) 01:30
10. Bars Of Death (Feat. Poison Pen & Swave Sevah) 03:25
11. Pork Chops & Apple Sauce 01:16
12. Get Ya Sket Mic 02:02
13. Bueno Times (Feat. Ruste Juxx) 02:17
14. Hot (Feat. Law & Rock) 04:43
15. Street sh*t 01:36
16. This Is Us (Feat. Illanoyz & Agallah) 04:51
17. Weed & Hoes (Feat. St Maffew) 02:43
18. Slum Shady Skit 00:44
19. Mamma I Want To Sing (Feat. Buckshot) 03:00
20. Bullsh*t (Radient Jewls Remix) 01:54
21. P's Up 02:07
22. Suicide Doors (Feat. Neil Rames) 02:04
23. Duckdown (Feat. Skyzoo & Torae) 02:54

That's it for the "Halloween Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....


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