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Press Release: "Just Might Be..." Sankofa's Final LP
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 9:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Press Release: "Just Might Be..." Sankofa's Final LP

Courtesy Sankofa.

Broadcasting live from Sankofa's Kickstarter HQ...

Just Might Be...a funky fresh rap album's Kickstarter jump off.

* *

16 songs of goodbye, the Kickstarter drive is live. Resume: URBNext100, CunninLynguists, Kashal-Tee, Noah23, Silversmiths, 14 solo releases, 1986 city Lego building champ. Fresh beats and dope lyrics.


Sankofa, a rapper calling Fort Wayne home. The 1986 Lego building champion of Geelong. Scorer of a 7.1 from Pitchfork. One of URB Magazine's Next 100. You might have heard him on songs with Cunninlynguists, Ceschi, Kashal-Tee, Noah23, White Collar Criminals, the Silversmiths, SA-2, Seron, and tons more.


Your hard-given dollars will build a tower of Babel, a CD stairway to heaven featuring raps from a guy too fascinated by his magical son to keep doing this much longer. Packed with ballpark 16 songs in the dope like a pound or key of life produced by Agent Orange, EDS, enoch root, DRU PHIT, adrien75, Geno, and Purify.


With Egyptian ingenuity (and your dollars), I will pull it off like no other.


Having this album marinate for such a time period meant I had more time to think of cool Kickstarter trinkets. I usually go silly on such things (word to Obese America's Cottage Cheese Industries), but I went full on ludicrous and truly outdid myself. This album and all its side trinkets are a thank you to the collectors who hold dear Sankofa releases and merch I don't even have.

Where's the money go?

Mixing down/mastering the album, graphic design/layout, pressing 300 CDs with 8 page full-color booklets, full color on disc printing, CDbaby for digital distribution (iTunes, spotify, etc.), shipping out your goodness.

What if more money is raised?

I'll press more CDs, maybe even film a video.

Risks and challenges

I have gathered all aforementioned goodies. This is not a case of scrambling to get ducks in a line. The graphic design fellow and mixdown/mastering sonic wizard are ready to go. Outside of living at the post office, I should be doing okay.

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