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The (W)rap Up for 2012 - August [2 of 2]
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Rapsody :: The Idea of Beautiful :: Jamla Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Idea of Beautiful]
"The signs that Rapsody has been annointed "next to blow" are everywhere that you look. She's the first female artist signed to 9th Wonder's imprint Jamla Records, and at least half of the tracks on "The Idea of Beautiful" are produced by him. Given he's one of the most important hip-hop producers of the last 15 years, endorsements like that come along once in a blue moon. Their own press release goes even further though, dubbing her as the PROTEGE of 9th, meaning for better or worse she represents her mentor in every way. Phrases like "impeccable craftsmanship" and "one of the most promising artists today" are thrown around willy-nilly to the point even the most open-minded of readers would start to raise a Dwayne Johnson-esque eyebrow at the hyperbole within. Thankfully any fears that the case for her place in hip-hop have been overstated are quickly put aside once "The Idea of Beautiful" gets played. Vocally she's a successor to Lauryn Hill, or is perhaps what Hill would be today if she hadn't won all those Grammy Awards and seemingly flipped her lid. It's not just that she has an eerily similar vocal tone and delivery to Ms. Hill, it's the intellect behind the words that makes her the 2012 version of L-Boogie. It is therefore entirely apropo that she lyrically references a woman who is clearly both mentor and inspiration on the 9th Wonder produced "Believe Me." "

Touch & The Dirty Sample :: The Fly :: Neferiu Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Fly]
"Neferiu Records makes no bones about the fact they're underground. In fact every page of their website has a lush green carpet of grass sitting on about an inch of topsoil, with all of the actual content you read underneath it. To the unitiated it's just a funky design element, but to those in the know the subtext of the image is a visual reminder of their core values. It's both aesthetically pleasing and a tad intimidating. It's an unsubtle reminder that while their website is a public presentation for all, the music they produce goes deeper than an audience weaned on pop radio rap may be prepared for. "The Fly" is a collaboration between renowned Canadian rapper Touch and in-house Neferiu producer The Dirty Sample. Speaking of a lack of subtlety, if you guessed there would be Jeff Goldblum samples on this album, you judged correctly. Like Seth Brundle himself you could split this matter at a molecular level, with a proton of praise for choosing a sci-fi subject that could lure in skeptics, or a neutron of negativity for being so obvious and not going a direction that befits their underground values. Since this is clearly a case of the quantum effect where the value can only be known by the one observing it at the moment it's observed, I choose to view this as "the cat is alive" and praise them for at least making the attempt to reach a broader audience. "

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