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Free Music Friday: MLK Jr. Birthday Edition
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Eighty-one years after his birth, MLK Jr.'s path can never be forgotten. So I decided to place a homage to him on this week's FMF. Never forget, y'all! "I Have a Dream" should ring a bell like KRS-One said! Anyway, here's some free music to enjoy for tonight!

50 Cent - The Reconstruction

[Here's a new remix EP from 50 Cent for zero cent.]

1. Intro (Composed by The Mixologist
2. The Gates Wide Open (f/ Tony Yayo)
3. Still in the Hood (f/ Gif Majorz)
4. I Run New York (f/ Alicia Keys)
5. Bang Ya Head Harder (f/ Lloyd Banks, Dr. Dre, and Candice Pillay)
6. Recon Interlude
7. Give it all You Got (f/ Tara King)

Blu - The GODLee Barnes LP

Blu - The GODLee Barnes LP

[For those of y'all who want a lil' Blu in the new year, this free LP got all the things you need. Well, most of these tracks are ruff draft (probably why he gave it to us), but the ruff draft is still better than a lot of rappers' final-mastered albums, trust.]

1. theInnocent
2. AzulitoTheGreat
3. GloryUsDelux (f/ L's of A Band Called Glory)
4. NeverDream (prod. by Exile)
5. theGOD's&Me
6. Grandma'sKitchen (Cypher by Fam Rep's Da 1 & SirJoseph)
7. Difficulties(f/ Cash Us King And Fam Rep's Sir Joseph & R.O.B.)
8. SpanishWinter
9. BeGO(o)D! (f/ Sene)
10. theRunOut(erlude)
11. ItsOkay (f/ Definite & Myth of strange Fruit)
12. OnMarsWithTheStars (f/ Sene)
13. Smoking@6InTheMo'(ByCashUsKing)
14. CityOfLos(t)Angel(e)s (f/ Cash Us King)
15. AllTheKing'sMen (f/ TiRon)
16. aWorldGoneBlind (f/ Cash Us King)
17. MelloSunshine
18. 'TilWeDie
19. Crowns
20. Outro(OpenMindDead) By Miguel Jontel
21. (theBonusSong)MyBoyBlu
22. BenevolentOffering&Benediction

Lloyd Banks - V.5

LloydBanksV5FrontCover.jpg image by seankempmusic

[Not sure what the V.5 refers to exactly, presumably his mixtapes. But like a good rapper who believes in longevity, Banks knows how to envolve and this tape shows a fifth upgrade of Lloyd Banks.]

1. Intro
2. My Bad
3. Shitty City Pt. 2
4. Who's Your Favorite
5. We Remain
6. Better You Know Me
7. I Do
8. It's Going Down - Lip Service
9. Look Ma
10. Rather Be Me
11. Power Pack
12. Only Human
13. No Escape (f/ Tony Yayo)
14. The Get Back - Southside in the House
15. Probably Want Me Down
16. Greenday (f/ Havoc and Cormega)
17. Big Bully - Full Version

The Nocturnals - Next Time It's Personal

[If you're looking for the latest hip-hop to blow out of the Windy City (Chicago, that is), then this record is the answer. The Nocturnals, composed of the dirty deep-voiced MC 'rota and abstract producer Lucca, brings you the hip-hop feel of the city that is certainly authentic. Check this one out!] 

1. A Nomad Who Rambles
2. Card Sharks and Monday Burns
3. Clarice
4. Diamonds
5. Everlating Love
6. Fables, Tall Tales, and Fictions
7. Nevin's
8. Standing Here With Strangers
9. Talk to Yourself
10. Tax Return Acme Robots
11. These Pills
12. Where I Dream 2 B, Briefly
13. Where the Stones Aren't Rolling

Rapper Big Pooh - THe Purple Tape

[Rapper Big Pooh rapping over Black Milk's critcally acclaimed "Music from the Color Purple" beattape, each of the tracks sampling hits from Prince's classic "Purple Rain" soundtrack.]

1. When I'm Done
2. Blueprint
3. Impatient (f/ Ms. Cris)
4. Put It In The Air (f/ Joe Scudda)
5. Holding Back (f/ Erica Thompson)
6. Girlfriend
7. Camera Tricks (f/ Chaundon)
8. Law & Order (f/ Jozeemo)
9. Bounce
10. Say Something (f/ DJ Flash)
11. Shoutemout


That's it for the "MLK Jr. Birthday Edition" edition of "Free Music Fridays." Check these out and let ya man know if they was fyah! If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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