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King Britt's "Intricate Beauty" Revealed + Free Download
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From Justin Kleinfeld:

KING BRITT to release new original artist album
Intricate Beauty on Nervous Records

Free download of CD track “Now (feat. Astrid Suryanto)” .

King Britt
Intricate Beauty
Nervous Records

**Release Date: April 20, 2010**

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We’ll cut to the chase. Intricate Beauty is the final “conventional” dance album King Britt will ever make. And how fitting this final chapter also marks King’s first ever release on seminal house music label Nervous Records. This is the seal of quality.  Don’t worry, though, King Britt’s not going anywhere as an artist. He’ll be concentrating on more experimental based music and searching for new avenues to help push the live electronic improvisational end of performance. But for now, you have a real treat to behold with the Intricate Beauty. Eleven tracks of soulful rhythms constructed and mixed together like a grand jigsaw puzzle. Quintessential King.
Intricate Beauty pulls together the different sounds that have helped shape King’s dance DJ mind over the years. This is the story of what he loves to spin and how it all relates. In a sense, this is all the greatness of King Britt wrapped up under one disc. Like a physical incarnation of the intricate mind, the process of how this album was constructed is quite advanced. King based the album on tiny microsounds he procured from various random recordings and CDs. He then took all these tiny pieces and dumped them into Ableton Live where he sewed the puzzle pieces together. Once there were approximately 50 workable combinations of tracks he then constructed the songs musically. “In a few months I intend to release all the bits and pieces from Intricate Beauty as a “Live Pack.”  These will be sounds that people can use for inspiration and production,” King says
Beyond the album, this is a period of great change for King Britt. Not only is he working in a new studio but he’s also cleansed spiritually; something that has also enabled him to enter into a new creative space with his newest venture Saturn Never Sleeps with multimedia artist Rucyl ( “When you find your path and stick with it, you’re bound to hit a pentacle period of productivity.  I feel that in the next three years you’ll really see and hear many sides of me musically.  Mentally, physically and spiritually I have grown multitudes and have a very clear understanding of who I am and what I’m here for. Many of the lyrics on the album express some of these ideas.” 
It’s been 20 years on the music scene for King Britt and his projects, collaborations and affiliations are always truly mind-blowing. From his time as Silkworm in the groundbreaking, Grammy winning Digable Planets, to starting Ovum Recordings with Josh Wink, producing platinum remixes for Macy Gray, Solange, Donna Lewis and hundreds of others, winning the highest grant in the country as the first dj/producer, The Pew Fellowship or starting his empire, FiveSixMedia, King Britt still tries to live in the NOW and not the then.
“We have to surrender to uncertainty, while appreciating its intricate beauty" - Deepak Chopra
1. “Love What You Have (feat Rucyl Mills)”
2. “Now (feat Astrid Suryanto)”
3. “Nightlife (feat. Kim English)”
4. “Try Love (feat Lady Alma)”
5.-“Keep It Movin”
6. “Los (feat Carlos Izaguerre)”
7. “Blackhand Side”
8. “Get Up feat. Byron Stingly (King Britt Old School Dub)”
9. “Peak Inside”
10. “Inner Self”
11. “The Intricate Beauty (feat Ryat)”


Tour Dates

Jan 23 – Toronto, CA - Drake Underground
Jan 29 – Mantova, IT - Moxa
Jan 30 – Liverpool, UK - The Magnet
Feb 14- New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
Apr 2 – Istanbul, TR - Ghetto
Apr 24 - Charlotte NC - Dharma Lounge
Apr 26 – Chicago, IL - Boom Boom Room
Apr 29 – Indianapolis, IN - Blue Lounge

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