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Michael Clifton - An EP Over Ten Years in the Making
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, February 8th, 2013 at 2:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Michael Clifton - An EP Over Ten Years in the Making

Courtesy M.C.

Back in 2000 you reviewed an album called Esau: The Debut Album...The Farewell Tour.

You gave it a great review and inspired me to track it down. At the time I had just started writing lyrics and coming from New Zealand and with my own background no one had the slightest interest in what I had to say.

However after hearing Esau I reached out and shared my lyrics he responded with an in-depth email about not only what I had sent him but his thoughts on art and advice on how I should approach it.

This email meant a lot and I stuck to his advice about only making art that I could truly stand behind. Due to my own confidence issues I could not make the leap from writing to performing , I then traveled abroad for 5 years , wrote articles , short stories had a play produced and forgot about hip hop.

Until a year so ago when I knew that a part of me had never left it and I needed to go back it all guns blazing. I have now finished my debut EP.

Below is a verse from another song that is a good representation of what I am about:

"Wind moves dirt , hits shirt wiped off , hands revert clasped before a cross outside bells chime sound lost rain pelts whole city is awash overhead time stops women winds watch with a smart phone goggling world time clock ,. Multi lingual signals in the ether intermingle not a single second out of sight planet watched day and night by a cavalcade of satellites and we all move in flight round our sole source of life burning bright with its brethren infinity of the heavens alpha , omega in natures expression no further in this message any more Id be guessing , So I take a last look then return attention to the here, now , pen to paper as the beat sounds once the inks down cut it to a key in case I get to thinking life begins and ends with me."

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