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Free Music Friday: Groundhog Edition
Posted by eTMh at Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 10:45PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

The groundhog showed its shadow, so it's 'bout time I showed my typing self here to bring y'all this free music for the week! 

Black Bobby :: Phat Kid Tendencies

Phat Kid Tendencies (No DJ Version) Cover Art

[While it's cool for rappers to drop out of college and make an album about it, this Harvard grad shows that education never takes away from hip-hop if you're meant to be in it. Check out this Phat Kid Tendencies until he's sick of talkin'!]

1. Phat Kid Tendencies Intro
2. My Story
3. Let's Ride
4. Youth Spirit
5. Thank U
6. Say What I Want to Say
7. Inteligent Shhh
8. Sharp
9. So Bougie
10. Bobby
11. Where's Your Money?
12. This Retarded!
13. Respect My Authoritah!
14. Charles Barkley
15. So Urban
16. The Friends Zone
17. A NW Joint
18. Vigra
19. My Pleasure (Raunch Culture)
20. Your Biddy Is Mine
21. Phat Kid '09 Freestyle (Bonus)
22. Rock With Obama (Bonus)

B.o.B :: May 25th

[What's going on May 25th? Beats me! It's said to be his debut album release date, but I hope it's true considering the label can change its mind just like that. That shouldn't stop you from checking out this Grand Hustle/Atlantic emcee named B.o.B!]


1. The Biz
2. Champion
3. Bet I (f/ Playboy Tre)
4. Gladiators (f/ J.Cole)
5. Out of Time
6. B is for B.o.B
7. Fuck the Money (f/ Asher Roth)
8. Monique and Me
9. The Rain
10. Uno is my Numeral
11. Suprise Me
12. Don't Feel So Good
13. Cool Side
14. 2010
15. Fool For Love (f/ Charles Hamilton)
16. BONUS: Nothin' On You (f/ Bruno Mars)

Ghambit :: Putitinthaair Vol. 2



[Here's a brand new mixtape from a Cali emcee named Ghambit. Like the Xmen hero with a sorta same name, he throws his cards down while reppin where he from proudly. Check this one out!]

1. Like Superman
2. Growing
3. Alright
4. Distractions
5. Mad Mind
6. Never Hear THis
7. Don't Give a Fuck
8. Smoke With Me (Snippet)
9. Gimme Some
10 That's All
11. What's the Weather Like
12. Little White Girl
13. Rainy Days
14. Blind
15. On One
16. Filthy Cheatin Lyin
17. Devil's Watching
18. War Wounds
19. Palabras Maravillas
20. Cali Feeling


Ty Fyffe :: Prelude to Raw N' Uncut

[Here's a mixtape from a famed Queens producer Ty Fyffe! 'Raw N' Uncut" coming soon!]

1. Intro
2. Get the Money -  Mic Geronimo ft Royal Flush
3. Green Day - Lloyd Banks ft Havoc and Cormega
4. Euphoria - Rakim ft Styles P, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes
5. The Invitation - 50 Cent
6. I See You - Snoop Dogg
7. Dancin' - Hoodfellas
8. Puttin' Work In - EPMD ft Raekwon
9. Be Me - Lil Wayne
10. Come Out - Tony Yayo ft Nice and Prodigy
11. Southside Symphony - Frenchie, Deezy the General, Louis V and Lexx9Eleven
12. The Pyrex/Smells Like '95 - Fokis and Havoc
13. Outro


That's it for the "Groundhog Edition" edition of "Free Music Fridays." Check these out and let ya man know if they was fyah! If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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