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Free Music Friday: The 31 Edition
Posted by eTMh at Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 10:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

The 31 Edition - that's what you get when you add 2 + 19 + 10. Man, I'ma need to hire a creative consultant to come up with titles for me. But here's the dope free music that you can always count on.

9th Wonder :: 9th Wonder Invented the Remix....AGAIN

1. Babyface - Grown and Sexy (9th Wonder Please Talk to Me Remix)
2. Memphis Bleek - Be At (9th Wonder Fire Remix)
3. Kanye West f/ Ludacris - Breathe In, Breathe Out (9th Wonder Soul Remix)
4. Goapele - Catch 22 (9th Wonder I'm Stylisticin' on Ya Remix)
5. Heavy D. f/ Puff Daddy - It's Your Birthday (9th Wonder Let's Work Remix)
6. Method Man - Motto (9th Wonder Babydoll Remix)
7. Method Man - Intro (9th Wonder Pre-quel Remix)
8. Method Man f/ Ghostface - Afterparty (9th Wonder Rainy Day Remix)
9. Method Man - Baby Come On (9th Wonder Smoke Somethin Remix)
10. Beyonce - Naughty Girl (9th Wonder Hip-Hop Remix ft. Donna Summer)
11. Kanye West f/ Jay-Z and J. Ivy - Never Let Me Down (9th Wonder The Real Hip Hop Remix)
12. Little Brother - Not Enough (More)(9th Wonder STILL Ain't Enough Remix)
13. Supernatural - Off the Top (9th Wonder's Nature Super Remix ft. Badu on De Cuts)
14. Memphis Bleek - R to the O to the C (9th Wonder's Creepin' Through the Hood Remix)
15. Ghostface f/ Big L and Nas - Run (9th Wonder Remix)
16. Monica f/ Joe Scudda - So Gone (9th's Dedication to the Moon Cuz It's Black Remix)
17. Twista f/ R. Kelly - So Sexy (9th Wonder Change Up Remix)
18. Memphis Bleek - Take a Minute to Breathe (9th Wonder I Can Take It Remix)
19. Common f/ Kanye West and The Last Poets - The Corner (9th Wonder 70's Pimped Out Willie Hutch Remix)
20. Nas - Theif's Theme (9th's Back to Matcalf Remix)
21. Tweet f/ Missy Elliott - Turn Da Lights Off (9th Wonder Oh No You Didn't Remix)
22. John Legend - Used to Love You (9th Wonder Playmates Imagining Remix)
23. A Tribe Called Quest f/ Consequence - Wordplay (9th Wonder Loungin' Around Remix)


DJ Drama & Dorrough :: Number 23

[Dorrough's ballin' like the homie two-three, Jordan or James? Well, according to him, he says Jim Carrey. LOL, definitely something to check out and bump in your trunk.]


1. Number 23
2. Bank Boy
3. Spill My Drank
4. Get Big
5. Hood Bitch Fetish
6. Street Fighter
7. iStay
8.Leather and Wood
9. Miss Parker
10. Outta There
11. Piece N Chain
12. Play My Game
13. Quite Like Me
14. Rap Game Kick Doe
15. Sexual Nite-Quil
16. Spotlight
17. Triple D Dat
18. Wu-Psi


Kida :: The Endemic: The Ladies Edition

Kida - The Endemic: Ladies Edition

1. Intro for the Ladies
2. Night Life (feat. TheRealFocus....)
3. Light Up the Night (feat. TheRealFocus...)
4. Goin' Down
5. Treat U Right (feat. TheRealFocus...)
6. Oh Baby!
7. I Appreciate U
8. Girlfriend (feat. TheRealFocus...)
9. Nobody's Business (feat. Mike Ant)
10. Neva Be the One (feat. Tiffany Villarreal)
11. We Made It (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
12. Goin' Down (Live Version) (feat. The Next Episode)


[Man, this album is so dope, Kida even made the LADIES Edition of the free album he dropped! Even though this album is strictly for the ladies, don't take this album as soft by any means. Kida still brings the vibe ladies, as well as fellas, can adore and this is worth your non-cash in your e-wallet.]

SigNif :: The Transition

[This chick can spit, plain and simple. If you're thinking hip-hop is lacking the real femcees, they're there! You're just not looking hard enough and allow me to put this one by SigNif in yo' face!]

1. Welcome Intro
2. The Transition
3. Drifting
4. Make Moves f/ Prophetic
5. High
6. Gone
7. Never f/ J. Nolan
8. What's Going On f/ A. Prime
9. Lovely Imperfections
10. New Shit
11. The Wake Up
12. Magnetic
13. afternoon Jazz
14. Flaws (Remix) f/ Tay Lee
15. Pure P;easure (f/ Godfree)
16. (BONUS) The Transition Remix


Trends :: Flowers & Candy

[Trends complied his best 15 love songs to put in this mixtape dedicated to the month of love. Check this one out!] 

1. Connect
2. Your Face
3. We're Superstars
4. Ease Your Mind (feat. Joe Thrillz)
5. Can I Get Down (feat. Steelwaterz)
6. You
7. I'm Just Playing
8. Nothing to Fear (feat. Sakinah)
9. Sky High
10. So Necessary Pt. 2 (feat. Khalid & Steelwaterz)
11. You're the One
12. See Joy
13. Your Eyes
14. Hit Me Up (feat. Signe)
15. Please Be Here (Trends & Shawn Maxam) *BONUS*


That's it for "The 31 Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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