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K-Murdock - Winter (Video) Games 2k10!
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 3:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From K-Murdock:

Anyone who listens to my music and/or has read the brief bio on the righthand-side of this blog, knows i LOVE video games!  Truth be told, i been gaming since i was 5... and that was 25 years ago!  I'm actually mad its taken this long for me to post more video game related stuff up on my blog as i know many of you all who follow it, are gamers too!  And if you ARE a gamer and been experiencing the "Snowpocalypse" that's ravaged the East Coast of the United States the last few weeks, then like me, you probably have had LOTS of time to play some games!  Off the top, there's been 2 i have been totally engulfed in since the new year commenced...

First off is the sequel to one of my favorite RPGS of all-time... "Mass Effect".  I admittedly slept-on ME for 2 years till i found it last year for $15 in a bargain bin at Walmart, and within 3 weeks, i had saved the galaxy from Saren!  The sequel which dropped late last month is even better and fixes a lot of issues i had with the original- like the lack of a cover system in battle and scaled down planet exploration.  I could go on and on about its dopeness, but take it from someone who has played any & EVERY RPG imaginable; From the good (Final Fantasy 7) to the bad (Saga Frontier) to the UGLY (Beyond the Beyond)...  ME2 = "MCS" (aka a "Must Cop Situation").  My only advice to those who aren't used to the tedium of most RPGS, is be prepared for TONS of dialogue!  Its not too big a worry though, as Bioware did a great job balancing the game out with a lot more action than its predecessor!

2nd and most recently, is Quantic Dream's "Heavy Rain" which dropped just this past Tuesday (2/23).  I can't say too much about the game as i dont wanna spoil anything, but i WILL say graphically i was blown away and the story itself is engrossing to the point i didnt get much music work done this week due to me incessantly playing through it!  Not to mention, theres even enough "twists" in this game to impress M. Night Shyamalan himself!  Again, another "MCS", and a sign that PS3 is ready to duke it out with Microsoft in 2010 for top console honors!  So far, its definitely a HOT start to whats been a COLD-ass winter!



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