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Raekwon (Reluctantly) Supports New Wu-Tang Album
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What's going on here? According to our friends at it seems Raekwon the Chef is not so happy with the new Wu-Tang Clan "8 Diagrams" album. He had this to say to MTV in a recent interview: "I'm supporting it. Go get it. I'm on it. I laid down the dressing on that. But like I said, it could've been stronger! I know the capabilities that we all have when we all sit in the room together. And then, at the end of the day, it was leaning towards RZA's world. I told RZA, 'This is a Wu-Tang Clan album. This ain't RZA's album.' If we say, 'We need this to proceed,' respect what we need to proceed. You dealing with a whole crew collectively, and [our] collective thoughts. You gotta keep that a part of the protocol. That wasn't a part of the protocol -- we still try to give this man as much props as he deserves, 'cause he did so much. It's like listening to [Michael] Jordan, saying, 'Follow my hand.' But at the same time, Jordan ain't been around for a while. So now it's gotta be about the team. Ain't no I's in team. When Jordan's head gets too big, you gotta tell Jordan that's what it ain't about. It's team." Raekwon's new album "Shaolin vs. the Wu-Tang" is reputed to featured every member of the Wu EXCEPT the RZA, so this issue isn't going away any time soon. We'll keep you posted.

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