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Crushkill: Soundset Wrap-Up (@CrushkillRecs)
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Crushkill: Soundset Wrap-Up

Courtesy Crushkill Recordings.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Crushkill/Fill in the Breaks booth at Soundset, we'll be adding what's left of the limited run items to our store soon!

While supplies last all orders ship with FREE copy of Sadistik's Flowers For My Father a signed CD-R of By the Throat Remixed, and Crushkill Recordings stickers + buttons!

Death of a Salesman is the fifth album from The ILLusionists. It follows the band members over a three year period: struggling with a dead-end job, balancing that 9-5 life with a music career, and eventually making sacrifices to escape from corporate retail. The album features actual recordings of past bosses, and real life write-ups (though somewhat obscured) are visible in the artwork.

But the real life catalyst for this story is stranger than fiction. The ILL opened a show for Eyedea & Abilities, and struck an unlikely bond with their heroes. After sound check, DJ Abilities listened to the entire ILL IS ALL record, and began mentoring ILLusionists co-founder Web The Free Range Human.

This newfound connection led to a remix version of E&A's last album, By The Throat, produced entirely by Web. Eyedea was so enthused about the project that he began recording new vocals for the remixes just before he passed away in 2010.

But E&A didn't only influence the group creatively. Eyedea also introduced them to friends Sadistik and Kristoff Krane. The ILL later toured with Krane and has opened for Sadistik in several cities. This eventually led to collaborations that appear on the new album.

Blueprint, Ecid, Crescent Moon, and Kristoff Krane were all carefully chosen to help The ILLusionists complete the album narrative. All of the features on Death of a Salesman are from the Midwest, and were friends of Mikey's.

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