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The White Rapper Show Season Finale
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And the winner is... revealed at the end of this article as the remaining emcees, Shamrock and John Brown, face a last round of challenges before one of them cashes in on $100,000. As previously noted, if you want to avoid a spoiler stop now and catch the rerun.

This week's episode starts with the rappers discussing their thoughts on the final challenge and nowhere is it clearer that Shamrock is genuinely a nice guy while John Brown isn't. This time around the rappers get a visit from Fat Joe who tells them what it means to be an emcee before they head to Rucker's Park to do an impromptu performance for the crowd. While Shamrock's choke isn't his fault (a malfunctioning mic and loose grill are to blame), it is definitely interesting considering what's on the line.

After this the rappers return to the White House and are given their beats for their last challenge. Cut to the next day and the rappers are "surprised" by a friend from back home. I use quotations because while Shamrock is genuinely surprised and appreciative to see his friend Black Josh, John Brown looks dissapointed when his friend comes out. Believe me when I say this segment was the funniest part of the whole season and this show is worth watching just to see John Brown's spot get blown when his boy comes visit.

Forward to the end and the rappers are in "Hell" some spot in NYC to do their final performance. RA the Rugged Man opens the show dressed as the devil and the guest judges are presented. Prince Paul is one of the judges, as expected. Some A&R who was down with 3rd Bass is also present (no disrespect but can't remember the name) and finally Clinton "Get Familiar" Sparks of Mixunit fame rounds out the panel (Clinton, sorry about the mixtapes man, I guess they got too familiar?).

John Brown:

John Brown goes first and both his 16 bars and song are honestly more lyrical than anything Shamrock has ever come with. But ultimately despite trying to do something new, John Brown's message is as convoluted as ever and his energy is near non -existent here.


Shamrock has never been the one for lyrics, and nothing is new here. But even with a fast paced flow and accent that made him hard to understand, Shamrock brings the energy like crazy in this performance getting the crowd hype. As Clinton Sparks later hints, out of the two Shamrock is the much more marketable one.

And the winner is... Shamrock

Which is a bit of a surprise since Serch seemed to leaning towards the more "lyrical" John Brown. Despite my general opinion that none of the emcees were that dope, it's good to see a geniune nice guy win the cash especially after Shamrock says the money is going to help his parents and help his sister through college - Hallelujah Holla Back to that!.


Shamrock, if by some odd chance you come across this hit your boy up and let me know where you get your Skulll shirts - green skull with a gold grill? CRAZY!

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