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Updates From Braille & The Hip-Hop Is Music Team
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From Braille:

Hello ya'll!!!

This is Braille with a quick update!!!  I will just hit you with the bullet points.

1. My new album (6th official solo album) "Weapon Aid" is dropping April 27th.  This is a collection of healing songs that I made over the last year.  So far I've gotten some great feedback - some people think it's my best record, some people feel it's a bit dark/heavy.  I'm comfortable with the varied results and am glad the record isn't neutral.  You will be able to find it at Itunes and many stores online April 27th.  Your support is very meaningful to me!!!  PRESS (of all kinds) hit me up for an advance.  Or folks who are just curious to hear it or unable to support - hit me up.  I'm not afraid to share!!!

2. The album is coming out on my new label Talking Textures - and I have some great strategic partnerships in the works.  For more info about the label check out - there is a video blog there that kind of explains the vision and the reasoning behind the new label.

3. When you visit the Talking Textures youtube page also check out "Naked Freestyle".  You deserve a laugh.... or maybe your sense of humor is different then mine.  haha

4. You can follow TalkingTextures at and also FAN us at Facebook.  After Weapon Aid drops in April - we will be following up with

Othello and DJ Vajra "Required Taste" in June
Poems and Dust "Dirty Words" in August.

5. I have a lot of solo shows booked between now and October.  It all starts April 22nd in Albany, NY - and I will also be performing in Glendale, NY and The Bronx.  Let's GO!!!!

Love ya'll!!!  I'm getting much better at responding to emails so if you've had a hard time getting ahold of me, don't be discouraged.  I'm getting back in the swing of it.

much love
Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |

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