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J-Zone Appearing At Your Local Foot Locker Store (Sort Of)
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 4:30AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From J-Zone:

Its been awhile. No pissed off editorials, no DJ gigs, no mix shows and I haven't done anything to land myself on a reality show...yet. Its called being preoccupied with real life kickin your ass. Anyhow, here's a brief cameo before I retreat back to my office under a rock. Its nice and cool down there.

I'm not sure how many of you shop at Foot Locker (or bother to look at the TV screens in there), but if you do and wondered...yeah, that was me. I've been doing a series of video shorts for SLAM Magazine's sneakers of the month at Foot Locker, and apparently, they're running now! I haven't seen the videos yet, but when my aunt, cousins and a few friends called and asked me why my "big ass head and that big ass afro" was on the TV screen in Foot Locker...I figured I'd save you the email/phone call asking me what the hell I was doing. If you happen to see one, don't laugh. You can giggle though.

Also, I haven't made any music in ages, but a song I produced for The Cunninlinguists awhile ago was released recently. They did a video for the song that was released on Friday, its hilarious and getting a great response.

It's called "Cocaine", here's the video link.

Even if you don't like my beats, its the only music I've made in the last year and a half (and probably the last for awhile). The video is extremely well done. I even make an appearance in the video at 2:14, so if you don't like Foot Locker, you can see me there and ridicule me from the comfort of your own home.

Oh, and all of you on this mailing list with news/media sites. Feel free to link the music video, but there's no need to re-post the Foot Locker thing. It was just useless info that may help you out on Jeopardy one day, along with "foods that start with the letter Q". Besides, can't have people piling into Foot Locker stores like the Superbowl is being played. .

Hope everyone is ballin' big time on 30 inch rims. Save me some.


Jay aka The Curmudgeon


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