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Editor's Alert Regarding This Week's Update
Posted by Steve Juon at Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at 1:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

On Saturday, December 7th I drove to Kansas City to cover a sports event as a freelance journalist. After the event was over my car broke down (again) leaving me stranded in K.C. with no repair shops open on Sunday AND a major snowstorm blanketing the Midwest, making it impossible for anybody to pick me up or give me a ride back home.

After getting a hotel for another night in K.C., things went from bad to worse on Monday morning, as the first repair shop my car was towed to decided it was beyond their expertise to fix an apparent computer or electrical malfunction in my car. I had to have the car towed a second time to a dealership with a service center that could actually do computer diagnostics and reprogramming.

As long-time readers of RapReviews are well aware, new updates come out on the site every Tuesday, but that generally means I spent most of Sunday evening and the Monday work day either writing or editing reviews and laying out content for the new update. If my car had been quickly diagnosed and reprogrammed on Monday, I would have still attempted to piece my way through even a small update by the time I drove back home on Monday evening.

That never happened. The car dealership decided my repairs were so significant that they would actually have to take out my seats and dashboard panels just so they could track down where the fault that prevented my engine from starting actually occurred. Rather than spend another night in Kansas City, I got a rental car and came home. I spent the better part of Tuesday arguing with the dealership back home who had ALLEGEDLY fixed my car BEFORE I went to Kansas City. Had I known their fix actually didn't fix a damn thing, I wouldn't have driven to K.C. to begin with.

The chances of an update this week went further down the tubes when the Kansas City dealership called and told me my car was ready to be picked up, meaning six hours on the road just to return my rental, pay for my repairs and drive back home with my P.O.S. That took up most of my Wednesday and left me little time except to update the RR newsfeed with new audio and video clips sent to my overflowing inbox.

As we've now reached Thursday at this point, I'm going to postpone this week's new reviews, interviews and articles until next Tuesday - getting an early start on what should be a larger than usual update next week. I apologize to our readers who are used to big updates every Tuesday but in this circumstance it was almost impossible to make it happen. The lack of update is painful to me, but not nearly as painful as the nearly $1,000 I'm out between car repairs, tow trucks, hotel rooms, rentals, and meals.

Questions, comments or complaints can be directed to or on Twitter @RapReviews. Look forawrd to our next big RR update on Tuesday, December 17th.

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