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The (W)rap Up - Week of December 24, 2013
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If you missed any of the new reviews this past week or the first wave of "The Year of 2013 in Review" pieces from our staff members, then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

Fluent Form :: Flu Season :: Bandcamp/Crate Cartel 
as reviewed Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Flu Season]"I'd love to go to Australia this time of year. It's colder than a witch's tit in Nebraska in December, with temperatures that prompt weather forecasters to offer "chill advisories" if you plan to be outdoors for even a few seconds. Meanwhile in Fluent Form's native Melbourne, they're predicting a high in the upper 70's for Tuesday and the low 90's by Wednesday. Our Aussie friends are enjoying a steamy summer right now, while it's clearly the winter of my discontent heading into Christmas. Thankfully "Flu Season" will heat things up a little bit, and thanks to Bandcamp collaborating with his Crate Cartel label, it's also easier to acquire than previous releases. Imports are notoriously expensive, and both Amazon and iTunes seem to sleep on the notion Yanks would like to hear Australian emcees. There are no such difficulties here, which means a chance to not only enjoy Fluent's dark and brooding vocals, but that of guest stars like Mata, Must and One Sixth on "Poison."  Shoutout to Must Volkoff, who both produced the track and provides the fresh Inspectah Deck scratch from "Above the Clouds." There are other guest appearances in the 40 minutes of "Flu Season" though, such as Geko on "Arrows," which is as you'd expect - Melbourne rappers roll thick. The eye opener is the trans-oceanic collaborations that Fluent pulls in, getting One Be Lo to drop gems on "Dose of Slang" and Has-Lo to close the album out in fine form on the Geko produced track "Yesterday's Gone.""

Small Professor :: Nasty Jawns :: Bandcamp 
as reviewed Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Nasty Jawns]"This is (appropriately) Small Professor's sequel to the "Mixed Jawns" album, which I reviewed back in June of this year. "Mixed Jawns" was not an excessively long album by even modest standards, but it made up for brevity with a theme that mixed drinks and dope beats in equal measure to achieve musical bliss. "Nasty Jawns" aims to prove that Small Professor can do even more with even LESS. This time we've only got 11 minutes to appreciate his production style, but he starts us off on a high note with "Oh, Let Us Do It (Pt. 2)" - flipping up Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" in a way that both pays tribute to the original and lets you enjoy Small Pro's unique vision. He lives up to the "Nasty" in his album's title on the very next track, as "This Makes a Thousand and One" is not short on the heavy panting and breathing. Each musical flip by the little professor is a funky slice of hip-hop meats soul served up a la mode - you know ice cream just makes hot apple pie sexier. And what's sexier than that? Shave some "Late Night Cinnamon" over the top. It's Barry White meets Small Pro to create something that's sweeter than "Brown Sugar.""

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