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Free Mixtape: Northern Hospitality - "Bad Language Mixtape"
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From Leeds Hip Hop:

[Free Download] Northern Hostility - Bad Language Mixtape

Leeds super crew Northern Hostility and DJ Garrud present ‘The Bad Language Mixtape’, a collection of tracks recorded over the space of 2 years showcasing the cream of local and UK talent. Northern Hostility was started by MC Matter, who noticed all the different crews around Leeds and the mad potential they all showed. He decided to try and unite them under a single banner with the ultimate aim of providing a platform for the fledgling  Leeds scene.

The mixtape features members of local crews Alphabetix, Defenders of Style, Invizible Circle, Verbal Contact, Crackhouse Recordings and LS7 Battlers, as well as guest spots from UK hip hop luminaries such as Jack Flash, King Kaiow (The IRS), No Pretense and Breaking the Illusion. The beats come from local producers such as Sonar Cousin (who performs cuts and scratches), Sarantis, Prolific and Mr Mowgli, as well as French producer Consensus Lo-Fi.

Due to the large number of emcees and producers involved, the end result is extremely diverse and varied, with each track bringing a unique flavour and style. The classic boom-bap sound is heavily present and dubstep, glitch and soul all get a look-in too. The lyrical content switches from social commentary, abstract wordplay and concise concepts to tales of life in Leeds and love songs to music, mayhem and smoking out.

The mix was put together by DJ Garrud from live dubstep/grime band The Foot Clan, and he has done a beautiful job of melding all the tracks with their different influences together. He splices in vocal samples and mixes in well-known beats to fantastic effect, giving it the feel of a solid piece of work rather than just a collection of tracks mixed together.

Northern Hostility are no longer functioning as a crew but all members are still going stronger than ever with their various projects, and this free release captures the vibrancy of the scene in the time period it was created, and will hopefully expose all artists involved to a wider audience.

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