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Free Downloads: Ozone 50 MC's, cRITICAL & Unique Assassin
Posted by Steve Juon at Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 1:15PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Domination Recordings:

Free Downloads: Ozone 50 MC's, cRITICAL & Unique Assassin

It's been 15 Years since the Hip Hop world felt the impact of Tony Touch's Tape 50. A real mixtape showcasing top notch MC's from Onyx to Wu-Tang Clan to Kool G Rap to Busta Rhymes to KRS One. The list goes on...and on and on.

2010 is the year that same essence will be revisited and honored. With a bit of a twist.

To provide a proper ode to Tony Touch and his classic monumental projects, New World Chaos (MyGrane McNastee & AmIAm of Vets of Kin) reached out to 50 MC's from their city. We proudly present to you "Ozone 50 MC's".

Ozone (Orlando, FL) is known as a gold mine scene for Hip Hop. A location called home for some of the world's most talented artists. The first installment provides a collective of MCs that you may know from The Wake Up show with Sway & Tech, Grind Time Now, nationwide tours and others that are just on their grind. Such as Swamburger, Murdoc, MyGrane McNastee, AmIAm, Madd Illz, Rugged, TzariZM, MidaZ, Kap Kallous, JBiz, Redd Simpkins, Shinobi Stalin, Jonny Storm, X:144, Illustrate, Unique Assassin, Vis Major, Critical Madness and many more. The list goes on...and on and on. For more info, check out: />
Free Download: Ozone 50 MC's .

Introducing....."Quality Control", a crew that consists of Sharp (of Thump Connection/ Hazardous Soundz Ent.) & cRITICAL (of Critical Madness/Creative Juices/ Hidden Agenda) along with a slew of other founding members that include emceez, djs, producers & graff artists. Their 2 hometown crews originally united in the late 90's in Central Florida after several years of building in cypherz, crashing open mics & rockin' at the same house parties. In other words, the roots are thick and the bond formed naturally which is evident from the organic chemistry demonstrated on their latest project titled "Toxic Therapy". This Radioactive masterpiece stays true to their unique formula that will have tape headz blowin' the dust off of their cassette crates to inject another dose of that analog vaccine that hip hop scientist fiend for! Their 1st experiment "2010 Policy" is fresh out the lab so circulate that & spread the germ! To be continued!

Free Download: cRITICAL & Sharp "2010 Policy" (2010LEAK) .

After several installments of Unique Assassin's "Who is UA?" series, we finally are graced with the pleasure of meeting the full fledged UA. His EP, Spelling Bee Champ, released on May 1, 2010, with the help of Civil Mics artists such as Diverse, Shinobi Stalin, Mygrane McNastee and Reeplay. With additional features of extended and talented family : Am I Am, Ill Will, Dillz, J Biz, Ceasar Comanchee, and Mike Rosa, the comprehensive EP is a complete success. Production by Reeplay, Abbot and UnSelfTitled ensure a treat for the hip hop heads. Be sure to download, listen, and enjoy...

FREE DOWNLOAD - Spelling Bee Champ EP .

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