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Preview and Preorder Forever Famicom RIGHT NOW!
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 3:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

We've been promoting the Forever Famicom album since May 4th and it's now only one week away! Random and K-Murdock have details on how you can pre-order the album below:

Gamers, Hip-Hoppers, everyone in between… Lend me your ears. The Time is almost among us, where K-Murdock and myself get to finally unleash our landmark record, Forever Famicom.

JUNE 1, next Tuesday is the day, so if you’re interested, this is a good time to preorder your copies, to make sure you have it before the release date.

click HERE to hear some snippets, and even preorder your copy of Forever Famicom. Preordering is good for many reasons.....

Preorder hard copies and you’ll get

A) a CD,

B) an instant download link of the album, and

C) a BONUS pack of instrumentals and tracks not included on the album! can’t beat it.

Tracklisting: (original sampled game is in parenthesis)
(click the titles for snippets)

1. Episode III (A New Day) 2:52 (Mega Man I)
2. Forever 4:11 feat. Emilie Bogrand (Earthbound)
3. Dream Master 4:07 (Little Nemo)
4. The Goodness 3:59 (Starfox)
5. Player Two 3:24 (Secret of Mana)
6. The Girl with the Make-Up 4:20 feat. Ariano & DJ Ragz (Kirby’s Adventure)
7. Drop The Load (8-Bit Remix) 3:56 (no sample)
8. World Tree 4:17 feat. Damu the Fudgemunk (Faxanadu)
9. 2k10 3:11 (Street Fighter 2010)
10. Epoch 4:42 (Chrono Trigger)
11. Double Dragons 3:44 feat. Jermiside & DJ Ragz (Double Dragon)
12. CONtact 2:49 (The Guardian Legend)
13) For The Gamers 5:24 feat. int80 of Dual Core & Schaeffer The Darklord (Ducktales)
14) Galaxies 5:00 feat. Matt Howatt (Metroid)



as always, thanks for your support. Let us know what you think of the snippets, and tell a friend! 


Random and K-Murdock

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