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Heavy Vee - I Don't Need a Hook (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Heavy Vee
Title: I Don't Need a Hook
Label: Razor & Tie Direct

Heavy Vee smiles at me from the cover, dirty hat turned to the side, pulling her stunna shades down her nose just a centimeter or two. "I'm the truth when I spit up in the booth/I never need a hook, yes I'm a good look." Vee that may be true but you're not letting us see you from the neck down - this is literally a hip-hop headshot single. Jokes aside Vee can't seem to make up her mind what her style is - she bounces from thugging like Remy Ma to speed-rapping like Twista to trying to be lyrically sexy a la Lil' Kim and never masters any of those styles. Vee sounds like she has some potential but her song is ultimately a contradiction - after hearing her say "I don't need a hook" over and over again where the hook should be to the point it gets on your nerves, you're forced to conclude she really DOES need a hook.

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