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Chalie Boy "The Grind Pays Off" Hosted by DJ Scream
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From Nancy B:

Chalie Boy "The Grind Pays Off" Hosted by DJ Scream

Chalie Boy is one of those rare artists whose talent is not only genuine, it's multi-faceted. Even as he gives the mainstream what they need - radio friendly songs like I Look Good and Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz) - he stays true to his origins with a consistent catalog of pure music in the form of all original mixtapes; street albums if you will. His previous effort, the DJ Mr Rogers-hosted I'm Here was nothing short of an album worthy of any shelf at Best Buy and this present offering, The Grind Pays Off, is nothing less.

When it comes to DJ's from the South, DJ Scream is a logical choice to host the perfect mixtape. His years in the game bring an automatic level of respect. Here he lives up to his reputation and delivers just what you'd expect. With 18 tracks of some of the best rhymes and singing to come out of Texas, production by legends like Mr Rogers and a bonus 'chopped & screwed' disc courtesy of DJ Luis, The Grind Pays Off will both keep Chalie's loyal fanbase fed and convert anyone still sitting on the fence to diehard lovers of what Chalie Boy has to offer.

Chalie's best known for his single I Look Good, which remained on the Billboard charts for months but make no mistake, he is no one trick pony. His lyrics stand up against all the criticism the Hip Hop nation directs at southern rappers and his singing voice literally fills an auditorium, even accapella.

If you are one of the fence riders, give The Grind Pays Off  a good listen and come over to our side. The music is amazing and the grass is definitely greener.

1. 48 Bars
2. Meet My Mama (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
3. Legend (Produced by Bravestarr Productions)
4. The Way (Produced by CityStar Productions)
5. Relax
6. Talent (Produced by Fat Pimp & GI Productions)
7. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
8. Gone Fool (Produced by Red Prodigy)
9. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Chemistry
11. Take A Chance (Produced by Groundwork Productions)
12. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
13. 4 A.M. (Produced by Da New Kid)
14. Diva On Deck
15. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno) (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
16. Baby Makin’ Music (Produced by D-Nyce)
17. Money (Produced by Cracka Lack)
18. Crush

Slowed-N-Chopped version by DJ Luis
1. 48 Bars
2. Money
3. Diva On Deck
4. Talent
5. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
6. Legend
7. Relax
8. Meet My Mama
9. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Take A Chance
11. Baby Makin’ Music
12. 4 A.M.
13. Chemistry
14. Crush
15. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
16. The Way
17. Gone Fool
18. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno)

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