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4-IZE's "Rollin' Like a Gee" Hits CMJ's Chart at #26
Posted by Steve Juon at Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 2:15PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Nancy B:

4-IZE's "Rollin' Like a Gee" Hits CMJ's Chart at #26

Atlanta, GA - "......My mouth magical" claims rapper 4-IZE on his recent street collabo with Gucci Mane, Spectacular Vernacular,'s June 21st Heater of the Day, and he ain't lying. Some may find this collaboration surprising but the two have known each for years, both having recorded frequently at Atlanta's Upstairs Studio. Produced by 4-IZE's engineer, Morgan "The Mexican" Garcia, the song offers 'spectacular' wordplay from both, and not a 'burr' in it.

4-IZE's wordplay is hitting it big with the college radio audience too this week with his B-side single, Rollin' Like a Gee, hitting CMJ's chart at #26, making it third most added.

New Day, the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced lead single from 4-IZE's upcoming album, AwesoMania, is also off to a great start having officially hit mixshow this week and garnering 1,200 spins a week on the internet. A true summer anthem, expect to hear alot of this one on your local station.

Last, but certainly now least, 4-IZE also recently launched his state-of-the-art new website, designed by the fabulous team at KYRO INK, whose work is frequently sought after by the majors. The site, , features the incredibly outlandish graphics fans have come to expect from him via his album covers and is constantly updated via a spanky web crawler that automatically scans the web for all things video/audio related to 4-IZE and posts it. As 4-IZE himself would put it, now that's JESUS!

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