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The Adam B Experience - BET Uncut Podcast
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 12:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

"On Friday, July 8th, 2006, the landmark independent hip-hop program BET Uncut aired for the very last time. It was a sad moment for those of us who enjoyed the oftentimes NC-17 rated videos by artists such as Black Jesus, Joker The Bailbondsman, and Mighty Casey. Almost two years to the day, on Friday, July 4th, 2008, emcee Chaz Kangas was a guest on my radio show and we put together a half hour tribute to the legendary late night program. Now, on the fourth anniversary of the cancellation of Uncut, and the second anniversary of my and Chaz' tribute to the show, we bring you our half hour tribute in podcast form for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE so tell your friends to download ABX right here at!

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PS: For more on Uncut, check out Adam's in-depth 2002 story on the show, complete with interviews with artists, dancers, and BET staffers, at The Reality Box at . Chaz has also prepared a bonus Uncut Top Ten you can check out HERE.

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