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J-Kwon - Boo Boo (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: J-Kwon
Title: Boo Boo (Holdin' Me Down)
Label: Hood Hop Entertainment

Being dropped by a major imprint like SoSoDef would be an impediment to some artists succeeding, but for J-Kwon it could be the turning point in his career. 2004's "Hood Hop" had a hot single named "Tipsy" and not much else. The fledgling rapper struggled to stand out in a St. Louis scene dominated by Chingy and Nelly yet ended up sounding like little more than a clone. With four more years under his belt Jarrell Jones sounds much more full grown. "When I first saw you girl, I knew you was my type/Skin tone right, hip and lips alright/Hurr slicked back, new shoes, purse all match/I knew you was prissy but you missed me with all that." The beat is tailor-made to crossover with a tinkling melody and background crooners, but Kwon adds the stability the song needs to keep from veering off into sappy crappy pop rap. For some "Boo Boo" may be too formulaic, but for me Kwon has earned a second chance with this song.

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