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NEOSONIC News - Me & My Maschine
Posted by Steve Juon at Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 9:15PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From K-Murdock:

NEOSONIC News - Me & My Maschine

So i spent the majority of this past weekend getting acclimated to Native Instrument's Maschine, which i got almost a year ago via a homie hook-up. First off, before i get into my newfound love over this hybrid hardware/software pad controller, let me be clear in stating that i have been a die-hard, staunch supporter & user of Akai products for 13 years! I have owned 4 different MPCs in that span of time and still got my trusty blue-shelled 2000XL set-up in my home studio- which i'll post up more pics of later this week per some fan's request.

NOW, that said, as a user of an MPC for practically ever piece of music you all have heard from me, i must say NI really took the "MPC" idea and brought it into TODAY via the advent of Maschine. The mix of tactile beat-making that many hardware lovers crave fused with the software options that come with using your own computer make a winning combo! To showcase Maschine in action, i defer to my aforementioned homie, Knock Squared, who not only put me on to the magic of Maschine but helped hook me up with one of my own! Through his YouTube tutorials, Knock has become one of Native Instrument's go-to-guys on how to make some dope music using Maschine, watch & learn...

That is just one of many vids Knock has up to showcase Maschine's uses, so subscribe to his channel- even if you don't make beats! Ironically, i have also noticed a lot of my fellow producer friends, who like me were avid Akai heads, are crossing over like Tim Hardaway in the '90s to using it too!  And beyond all of Maschine's studio uses, i can even take it out to perform live with just my laptop since it is significantly more portable than my 15 pound MPC.  Big-ups to NI for being so forward-thinking, i only wish Akai would of focused more on making something like this a couple years back instead of those APC controllers with Ableton... but thats just my p.o.v. What's yours?


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