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Soulja Boy - Yahhh! (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Soulja Boy f/ Arab
Title: Yahhh!
Label: ColliPark Music/Interscope

"And these ugly girls always got a friend that wants to talk to you/Yahhh yahhh trick and your friend yahhh yahhh too/I ain't got time for chit chat, I'm tryin to get this money/So get up out my face, you doo-doo head dummy." Never has a misogynistic diss been more inappropriate. First of all Soulja Boy isn't exactly good looking himself. Second of all I was already convinced long ago that SB was one of the biggest doo-doo head dummies in all of hip-hop. Last but not least if anybody should have "YAHHH!" screamed in their face to get them to shut up, Soulja Boy is the man. Normally with these kind of singles I can at least say I was happy about the instrumental, but on a CD full of weak Fruity Loops "Yahhh!" was one of SB's weakest. The public continues to embrace Soulja Boy's idiotic style and sound, so "Yahhh!" will undoubtedly be another smash, but if every DJ in the country broke the vinyl over their knee in protest I'd be a happy man.

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