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PR: Arsun F!st - Life Is a Beautiful Monster
Posted by Steve Juon at Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 2:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Phase Logic:

Arsun F!st - Life Is a Beautiful Monster

To define the significance behind Arsun's latest album title, "Life’s a Beautiful Monster"; one must first over stand that as an Emcee, he could care less about the status quo of mainstream music. This album highlights some of the key struggles he has faced with inner demons since moving from Maryland to Florida at the top of 2008. Life in itself can be a handful and no one album can truly capture everything that it brings us, but Arsun has attempted to pull you the listener closer into his world and how he use words to describe highs and lows. Arsun has heard countless Hip-Hop albums where the artist re-creates themselves and the end result is really not that believable. (editor’s note: BORING) Arsun can only be himself and he can only speak on experiences on this earth, nothing more, nothing less. With that being said, this is his 5th solo project and this time around, it's produced exclusively by Phase Logic. Just another one of his humble attempts to put some sincerity back into Hip-Hop...without the use of Auto-tune.

The album is available for paid-download and free-streaming at:


1. Let Life Live (Lo-Fi tribute)
2. Feel the fire
3. Hello I'm Arsun
4. Small Ambition
5. L.I.F.T.
6. Yah-Yah (Lo-Fi tribute)
7. eYe Rise
8. Feels Good
9. Dear Kanesha
10. God's Tears
11. Supreme
12. So Stupid (Lo-Fi tribute)
13. Self portrait
14. One flight
15. A Word From Folk
16. All up
17. Exit Music (Lo-Fi tribute)

I hope to read about the album on your website very soon! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
The album costs $9.99 but with this discount code exclusive for BandCamp the purchaser will get 25% OFF.
The code is: life
Remember that the code is only valid until' the 19th of September 2010!

Peace & Love,

Roel aka Phase Logic

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