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Prodigy & Cormega Respond to Sean Bell Verdict
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From the desk of 4Sight Media straight to the readers of, here are the responses of Prodigy, Cormega and Lee to the Sean Bell Verdict.


"First of all, rest in peace to Sean Bell and I want to send my condolences to his wife, kids, family and friends and all the Sean Bell boys - Hold your head.

We lost a lot of battles but we will win the war. The decision in the Queens courtroom on Friday, April 25 was simply a display of power. The NYPD is just a branch of corruption connected to a giant corrupt tree called the United States government. This tyrannical corrupt tree has its roots planted deep into the United Kingdom.

The Sean Bell murder coverup is less about race and more about power. This evil family tree of corruption will do whatever it takes to remain in a position of power. They will put a judge who they can control on the case, in order to get the outcome they want and eliminate the risk of being exposed and exposing the higher ups. I want to be very clear that all judges, DAs, lawyers, cops are not corrupt, just most of them.

People of all races need to come together to control our government and run a giant comb through it, so we can see the filth that comes out. Right now we have a government that controls the people, instead of people that control their government. Until we can do that, there'll be several more incidents like the murder of Sean Bell.

America is under a spell and we need to snap out of it."

** LEE **
"There's always the constant message of disregard being sent to the Black community from the government's justice and social systems. I've witnessed verdicts like this be handed down from city to city all over the country with the same message echoing: "You don't count." I saw it with the William Lozano case in Miami years ago. We can see it most recently with the Jena, Louisiana case.

I am often reminded of the early day's when this nation was born and the 13 colonies. Blacks lived in fear of this country and the government even before the Pan-African slave trade began. Once slavery began freed men were forced to carry papers to prove their God-given right to walk among free men always in fear that some clan of men could come along and take them from their families and sell them like cattle at their discretion. All through this country's history this fear has been cultivated into the hearts of Blacks. We've been conditioned to fear the very government that is to protect us.

Even now after the Civil Rights Movement and the days of burning crosses and public lynchings remnants of that old justice and social system still live on. And the fact that all of the officers were not Anglo means little within in the context of the grander message: "At any time and any place you will be reminded that you don't count. You can always be put down." It's not about taking our leaders away anymore, as there are few or none with a real voice. It's about letting everyday citizens know that they don't matter. It's the message that's sent to young Black children that they should grow up in fear of this government because they simply don't have a voice in the justice/ social system. This system does not care for them or speak for them.

That is the pervasive message that is sent to our communities and its objective seems to have been to constantly plant seeds of hopelessness so that we never share in the American Dream."

"The Sean Bell murder itself was a reflection of how expendable black men are in the eyes of many. The verdict was a far worse crime because it stripped a dead man of his rights and it stripped a community of hope. We came so far as a people yet gained little momentum but I would like to thank society for re opening my eyes to the myth called equality and the justice that eludes just us! Power to the People!"

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