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E. Smitty & Raydar Ellis - Inspiration (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: E. Smitty & Raydar Ellis
Title: Inspiration
Label: Smitty Productions

It's hella easy to be cynical about receiving a single from two artists you've never heard of claiming to offer "Inspiration" in a world of musical mediocrity, but for a laugh I gave their track a spin and was PLEASANTLY surprised. You could argue that Smitty's production style is derivative of Kanye West, complete with the sped up R&B sample in the background, but if you're going to bite someone you might as well bite one of the best and do it well - Smitty does. I'm not sure where Raydar Ellis' developed his flow but he's not coming with anything generic here - he's on some thought provoking NYOIL type Immortal Technique shit. "Yo, runnin from my culture, that's why I MC Ultra/Magnetic, America known for it's black fetish/And my people stereotyped for bad credit/But if credit was given where it's due, my people debtless [...] and guess what America, I still ain't get my mule!" Despite any inclinations I had before spinning this track, Smitty and Ellis proved to truly be INSPIRATIONAL with a track of lyrics to feed your head and beats your soul craves.

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