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NYOIL - What Up My Wigga Wigger (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: NYOIL
Title: What Up My Wigga Wigger
Label: Masta Mix Records

Intentionally or not NYOIL's "What Up My Wigga Wigger" seems offered as the hip-hop counterpoint to Nas' single "Be a Nigger Too." NYOIL has clearly had it up to here with what he views as disrespectful interlopers in hip-hop and is calling it exactly like he sees it. "Pull your pants up and fix your cap/Take that doo-rag off, you look soft, you ain't built for that/Robin Hood we know you robbin the hood/of the flavor comes from your neighbor, no it's not all good [...] shit you can get lynched too homey, don't get it twisted!" Even Dead Prez and X-Clan combined might be hard-pressed to match NYOIL's militance, which is matched with an appropriate sample of KRS-One rapping "now we got white boys callin themselves niggaz" and a chorus that's just about as politically in-fucking-correct as one man can get. It would all be irrelevant if NYOIL was pushing buttons just for the button's sake, but with a 20 year track record in hip-hop it's hard to argue that that his agenda is other than to get your attention and make you consider the cultural implications of a "nigga act [that's] conveniently black" in an artform created by disenfranchised urban youth. If you can perceive his point and don't fake a front for your friends then don't worry, you're not the "Wigga Wigger" in the song. NYOIL presents a pounding beat and relentless lyrical attack that forces you to confront the very stereotypes he mockingly describes. Whattup wiggaz!

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