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Sciontology - Advertising w/ Hip-Hop
Posted by Administrator at Friday, May 9th, 2008 at 7:25AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Hip-Hop and advertising have always had a tumultuous relationship. Yes the attention is nice, but do advertisers actually understand the culture, or are they just trying to use it to sell some burgers, t-shirts and candy bars? We see plenty of rappers in advertisements, and love that they get a check, but don’t always approve of what they’re selling. I remember it was only a year and a half ago the debate was about Common and his Gap ad. Was he a sellout? The answer was no, but as a culture we’re still on the lookout for how major companies are treating Hip-Hop. Scion is a company that has been working Hip-Hop into their ads, and cars, since their first day of existence and recently they jumped into the music distribution game. There’s one major question Hip-Hop fans have regarding all of Scion's actions, though; do they really care about the culture, or do they just see it as a marketing opportunity? I sat down with Scion’s sales promotions manager Jeri Yoshizu to find out.

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