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Collie Buddz - Lost Mamacita in Love (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Collie Buddz
Title: Lost Mamacita in Love (DJ Topspin Remix)
Label: Sony BMG

In theory I ought to be sick of Collie Buddz by now since I've heard "S.O.S." every single week on ECW ever since the wrestler Kofi Kingston made his debut. "Lost Mamacita in Love" rocks though, and I mean that quite literally, since the song seems to be a fusion of smashing guitars and Jamaican riddims. I'm not sure if this is the result of DJ Topspin's remix since I haven't heard the original; in fact to be perfectly honest I'm not sure if this is a remix of "Mamacita" from his self-titled debut album last year or not. What I am sure of is the more I hear of Collie Buddz the more he grows on me, and I find myself wanting to bust a move to his groove. "Coulda dance all night if ya want ohh! Till de mornin light/Love how you feel in front a me so... gyal, let me hold ya tight!" Bogle in de dancehall, bogle in de party.

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