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RZA as Bobby Digital - U Can't Stop Me Now (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: RZA as Bobby Digital
Title: U Can't Stop Me Now
Label: Koch Records

My feelings about RZA as both rapper and producer have changed wildly over the last 15 years. At times he's struck me as an unmitigated genius, and at other times he's come across as a sloppy hack who relies on other artists to seem more talented than he truly is. The truth is that Robert Diggs is all of these things and more. He's a man who you can truly argue encapsulates 36 chambers that each span 10 degrees of style, and in those subtle gradients lies the whole color spectrum of the Wu rainbow. RZA's "U Can't Stop Me Now" is if anything typical of his atypical wordplay, with slurred tongue flow and drunken monkey kung-fu delivery in full effect. "1200 sampler, and a Yamaha 4-track/The bass from the lab used to blow the fuckin door back/While Ghost was doin stick-ups, tryin to make a vic up/Waitin outside for debris truck to pick up/Nothin would work so we back to choppin nicks up/Givin grown-ass women two vials for a dick suck." Respect due pa, RZA does paint a vivid lyrical portrait with that familiar flow of his, and having Inspectah Deck co-sign by adding his own rhymes doesn't hurt this song. The beats to the rhyme are a straight 1970's blaxploitation funk throwback, too slow to tear up a club but too fat not to bop your head to. For those dying to believe RZA is still relevant in 2008 "U Can't Stop Me Now" offers that hope in spades and the B-Side "Drama" with Monk & Thea is type nice too.

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