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Speedknot Mobstaz f/ Twista - Money to Blow Remix (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Speedknot Mobstaz f/ Twista
Title: Money to Blow (Remix)
Label: Koch Records

Even though S. Dukes of the Showtime Entertainment Agency is the producer of record on this track, it wouldn't come as a shock to me if someone presumed Pharrell Williams did the beat after hearing it. In fact the first time I played the "Money to Blow" remix I immediately thought of Snoop Dogg's "Drop it Like it's Hot," which makes me wonder if the ORIGINAL mix is in the same vein or completely different. A quick guess would lead one to think Twista's verse would be the only difference between the two but more careful though on the subject causes one to recall that the Speedknot Mobstaz are the Chicago crew that Twista's been trying to put on for years with varying degrees of success. While I dare say that Carl Terrell Mitchell has made enough scrilla in his career that he has "Money to Blow" getting his homeboys over, it's still painful to see how much more charismatic he is than these Mobstaz even over the most generic copycat Neptunes style beats. As much as I like Twista I suggest not blowing hard earned money on this single.

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