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MP3: John Blu f/ Gucci Mane, Twista - "Cologne"
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MP3: John Blu f/ Gucci Mane, Twista - "Cologne"

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John Blu Biography

Infectious beats and sexy, sultry lyrics describe the sound of John Blu. His words have the ability to take his listener’s for a ride with stories about his appreciation for women. With songs like “In Love Wit Yo Booty” and “Nicknames” he recounts his experiences and love of women from their “sexy ass nicknames” to their “backside.”
Women may be the driving force for his music however it is his ambition, compelling yet subtle nature and enormous talent that got him to where he is today.  Discovering his talent at an adolescent age while singing in the church, this Chicago‐bred artist knew music was in his DNA. Growing up he continued to pursue his passion by learning to play the keyboard and percussion instruments at the same time, performing with a jazz band regularly. Fast forward to today, only a few years later and he has now become a quadruple threat as a singer, songwriter, producer and composer. With his incredible set of skills, he is able create a song, from start to finish, in a single recording session.
Always looking to perfect his stage act, John Blu puts the stage second to only the studio as he tours across the country regularly performing with other artists in the industry including Jeremiah and Willie of MTV’s Day 26. In addition to perfecting his show piece, he has two full studio projects complete, “Reverse Psychology” and “Undiscovered” and is currently working on his third.
Nicknamed the “Collabo King” by his peers and the self‐pronounced R&B Bully, he has collaborated with several musicians executing flawless and innovative production, songwriting, arranging, and of course blessing numerous tracks with his vocals on their projects. And yet it doesn’t stop there. Blu has his own production company, J‐Blu Music, and is the co‐founder of Singles R Us, where local artists come together to network, create and perfect their craft.
As John Blu navigates his way through the industry, he is carving out a piece for himself through talent, dedication and humility setting himself up as the next acclaimed artist and producer with talent that will carry him a lifetime. While he is currently working and teaming up with various artists, including artists on Atlantic Records’ roster, he continues to promote his current single, “In Love Wit Yo Booty” that is heavy rotation in several markets including Chicago and Atlanta.

With an organic appeal with women and relatable lyrics for men, a self‐taught guru in the studio and charismatic persona, get used to hearing of and about John Blu, he is not going anywhere any time soon.
For more information on John Blu please visit www.myspace.comjohnblu or follow him on Twitter at .

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