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The Top 10 MrWeebl Videos
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 12:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

[Narwhals image copyright MrWeebl]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

I've had a pretty crappy time over the last two weeks, so to cheer myself up I'm doing a completely silly top ten. You'll probably have wanted a hip-hop artist and we'll get back to that I promise, but now for completely selfish reasons I'm going to sing a song about narwhals. Why narwhals? Because they're the inventors of the shish kebab, of course!

1.) MrWeebl - "Narwhals"

2.) MrWeebl - "Shrimp Glockenspiel"

3.) MrWeebl - "Bacon (The Bacon Song)"

4.) MrWeebl - "Business Cat"

5.) MrWeebl - "Russian Dancing Men"

6.) MrWeebl - "Unicorn"

7.) MrWeebl - "Owls Hate Simon Cowel"

8.) MrWeebl - "Jazzwhals: A Narwhals Jazz Remix"

9.) MrWeebl - "Save the Badger Badger Badger"

10.) MrWeebl - "Crabs"

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