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"Who Sampled It Better?" #12 - "Ashley's Roachclip" Results!
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[Chuck Brown - public domain - National Endowment for the Arts]"Who Sampled It Better?" #12 - "Ashley's Roachclip" by The Soul Searchers

As written by Steve 'Flash' Juon, and voted on by THE PEOPLE who read!

Here is "Ashley's Roachclip" by The Soul Searchers for you to cast an ear upon before we go to "Who Sampled It Better" results for the latest round of voting.

To be honest I was stunned that one of the four entries received ZERO votes. I rate "Jack the Ripper" as one of my all time favorite LL Cool J songs -- right up there with "Rock the Bells," "Mama Said Knock You Out" and "Radio" among others. I also felt that "Jack the Ripper" had some qualities the other entrants didn't in terms of the creativity to how "Ashley's Roachclip" was sampled. So many people just take the drum break at the three minute mark (heard prominently in the winner's song) but Rick Rubin really sliced and diced up the source material in a flavorful way.

I think the song is hurt in some respects though by being a "cassette only" bonus track from "Walking With a Panther," and that album in particular being regarded by some as LL's "soft" rap album. Frankly there's nothing soft about "Jack the Ripper" and the album in general has aged well with time -- but not nearly as well as the hip-hop classic that won the vote hands down.

And the winner is...
We'll have a new WSIB next week! For now enjoy the winner's song one more time.

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