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PR: Senor Kaos Releases "The Spirit Of Jax" Tribute Record
Posted by Steve Juon at Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 4:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Senor Kaos Releases "The Spirit Of Jax" Tribute Record

Good evening everyone. Sorry for the e-mail so late in the day but there's a few things that I had to share right away.
First and foremost I would like to say Rest In Power to the big homie Chris "JAX" Thurston of Binkis Recs who passed away on this day (November 4) 2 years ago.

Jax may not be with us physically, but his energy as well as the TONS of music he recorded while alive still lives on.
During today on Twitter I have been asking people to hash tag #JAXDAY. This is open to friends, family, as well as fans of his music. Feel free to share your favorite Jax stories, verses, songs, moments, etc. Lets make a trending topic out of something positive online for once.
Also going on today. Writer Justin Ivey from Kevin decided to dedicate all the posts on the KN Blog to Jax. Starting this morning there has been interview footage, stories shared from people who knew him best, music, as well as the "Jax Forever" documentary which before today has NEVER been posted on the internet.
Please make sure you stop by Kevin and check it out. If you knew Jax personally or were a fan, feel free to leave some comments. If you are still unfamiliar with who Jax is, here's a GREAT opportunity to learn something new. You may even find a new favorite song.
... Also speaking of new songs. Here's an exclusive that I'm leaking today.
Señor Kaos Presents
"The Spirit Of Jax"
Produced By Illastrate | Cuts By DJ Dainja

"I came up with the idea for the Spirit Of Jax around the beginning of 2009. I wanted to do a record to pay homage to Jax, but at the same time didn’t want it to be a sad record. I wanted it to be a track that celebrated the man on the mic as the phenomenal emcee I knew him as.

As soon as producer Illastrate played me this beat, I knew that was going to be it. After I laid all the vocals, DJ Dainja came in and killed it on the cuts to complete the song. Jax was a true work-a-holic. And that’s why today we celebrate the Pace Of The Dedicated."

R.I.P. J.F.K. – Jax Forever King

DOWNLOAD: Señor Kaos - Spirit Of Jax .

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