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Bringing the Real - Who Are You?
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One topic I love to discuss with artists during interviews is what they feel makes them unique. Sometimes I get a very real, honest, answer. The vast majority of the time, however, I get an answer that could be given by over half the artists out there (i.e. “I’m unique because I really bring it,” or “I’m unique because I have that Golden Era sound”), or worse, complete silence. What makes artists, and all of us, unique is something that can not only make for a great interview, provided one’s uniqueness is interesting enough, but it’s also the only thing that will separate one emcee’s rhymes from another’s. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than putting on a rap album and hearing a barrage of repetitive stories, be they about the hood life or the good life, that could be spouted by any number of emcees. This is why today I’m going to discuss an exercise I’ve been working on the try to develop a better  view of our own individual uniqueness.

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