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The Latest Devo Spice Update for the New Year
Posted by Steve Juon at Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 2:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Devo Spice:

Happy New Year, everybody!

I’m celebrating the new year with a new web site and a new song.


So there I was, driving around northern New Jersey, listening to a New York radio station, and I was absolutely shocked by what passes for Hip Hop these days. Most of the rappers I heard sounded like they weren't even trying. They sounded like they just rolled out of bed, stumbled into the studio, mumbled a few lines, then went back to bed. I began amusing myself by mocking them. After I came up with the half-assedly sung chorus I realized I had a song to write.

The end result is now posted as a free download over at The FuMP.  Just go to and you’ll see it as the first song at the top of the page.  I will also be posting it as the song of the month over on my newly relaunched web site.

Speaking of which...

I didn’t do a full site redesign, although my site badly needs it.  What I did do is overhaul the entire site, simplified it, added some new features and content, and tried my best to secure the site to prevent a certain Iranian douchebag from hacking me again.

Some highlights:
- All the high quality MP3s are now encoded at 320k.  That’s near-CD quality audio for the high quality downloads available for $.99, or as part of your Spice Rack subscription.

- More free downloads.  The Music page which has my 2 songs of the month along with the 4 featured songs now has 6 featured songs.  I added I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy and Platform Wars to the Featured Songs section so you can listen to and download those songs for free whenever you feel like it.

- NSFW shirts now $10.  I only have 4 NSFW shirts left (1 S, 1 M, 1 L, and 1 XXXL) and I want to get rid of them so I marked them down.  I also added the I Want TILE shirts to the merchandise section.

The rest of it was some content updates and a general security overhaul that you probably don’t want to hear the details about, so I’ll spare you.  Let’s hope I’ve done enough to keep that little Iranian turd out of the site.

Finally, I’ve been selected to perform at the Millennium Music Conference which is taking place in Harrisburg, PA the weekend of February 19th.  I don’t know when or where my showcase is going to be yet, but when I know anything I’ll post the details on my web site.  I’ll also tweet, and blurp, and flype, and whatever else I need to do to get the word out.

You can follow me on Twitter so as soon as I know anything you will know it too.

That’s all for now folks.  Go listen to Half Assed Rapper and help me spread the word!


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