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Random: The Mega Ran Comic/Import CDs Available
Posted by Steve Juon at Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 11:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Random:

The Mega Ran Comic/Import CDs Available

Happy New Year everybody! This is it. This is THE YEAR. Right? isn't that what we all tell ourselves? Well, lets kick it off with some great news.

You remember me talking about a Language Arts album and comic book, right? Well, it's time. With the help of First Storm Manga and J1 Studios, It's on like Donkey Kong. peep this: .


With a nickname like “TeacherRapperHero,” the only logical progression for Random, aka  Mega Ran (Raheem Jarbo) after music and gaming would comic books, and now that will become a reality.

Random’s imprint, RandomBeats Music, will join forces with us at J1 Studios to offer a new original comic series called “Mega Ran: Random Lyricism” that will be loosely based on Jarbo’s life as a musician and educator, with a twist of fantasy.

“It’s like Mega Man  and Street Fighter  meets Dangerous Minds, meets 8 Mile,” Random says. “The lead character must weave through twists and turns while juggling jobs, family an music…It’ll play out a lot like many of the great comics and video games I’ve enjoyed throughout my life.”

Random made a splash in 2007 when he first got the idea to combine hip-hop with remixes of tunes from the classic Mega Man video game series for an album called “Mega Ran.” The album was successful and to everyone’s surprise, led to Random receiving an official license from international game developer CAPCOM. The partnership has led to appearances at Comic Con and other CAPCOM events over the years.

In the comic, Mega Ran will join the “Language Arts Tournament,” where the fiercest rhymers battle it out for supremacy. The comic series will lead into Random’s next solo album, entitled “Mega Ran in Language Arts” which will be loosely based on the comic and features K-Murdock, DN3 and EOM on production and vocal support by voice actor Kyle Hebert, and Hip-Hop artists Punchline, Wordsworth, Chaundon and many more.

This year is gonna be extremely busy.. but in a good way.
oh yeah, more good news.. Checked my mail today and found 5 IMPORT, Japan-Only version of Forever Famicom...very rare. If you'd like one e-mail but hurry because it's likely that they'll be long gone. I don't know if I can rely on the label to send me any more, so make it quick.
Oh and for those that asked, my New Year's was great... I spent an extra day in Philly, unexpected.. but I wasn't mad.

And lastly, I think I goofed up last week when I sent you guys Valley of Doom so peep this: and you'll find the song, the video, the lyrics, and the commentary by myself and DN3. all for the low price of FREE.

2011 show dates are coming together as well... Keep sending me your venue suggestions! including comic conventions in your area...whatever! I'm stoked, particularly a SUPER show coming up next month in LA with BUSDRIVER during NBA All Star Weekend. You GOTTA make it out there for that one, kid.
Have a great week.

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