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Vail, Colorado Brands Kottonmouth Kings Obscene
Posted by Steve Juon at Sunday, August 31st, 2008 at 4:00PM :: Email this article :: Print this article


Kottonmouth Kings Considered Obscene By Citizens Of Vail, CO
Kottonmouth Kings’ Tenth Studio Release, “The Green Album”, Featuring X-Clan and Tech N9ne Due In Stores October 28th, 2008

Despite their efforts to spread a message of peace and positivity, California rip-hop hybrids the Kottonmouth Kings were slammed by citizens of Vail, CO who filed complaints to the town of Vail’s Commission on Special Events after the group performed at the city's Spring Back to Vail concert back in April along with rapper Snoop Dogg.

In a recent story entitled "Keeping Vail's Concerts Clean" published by the Vail Daily newspaper the Kings were cited for condoning illegal behavior, while promoters were urged to "take another look at who they allow to perform during both ticketed and free concerts in city limits." The Vail Special Events coordinator Sybill Navas was also quoted as saying, “We would prefer that they were not brought back under the town’s sponsorship,” when asked if the town of Vail ever allow the Kottonmouth Kings back.

In an open letter addressed to the Vail Daily, Kottonmouth Kings frontman Brad “Daddy X” had the following response:

“God bless America! In 2008 and we are still talking about censoring artists. I bet these right wing zealots have quite a porn collection stashed in their closets. While we are at it let's ban dirty dancing, lock up the TV and close down the movie theaters. Let's ban Olympic athletes from competing if they protest the Chinese government, let's cover women with veils from head to toe in garments so they are not provocative. I understand a free community production and family entertainment (I even have a young daughter of my own), but the Kottonmouth Kings concert had a cover charge to get in; we didn't force anyone to be there.”

“Come to think of it church is free, maybe we should put censorship stickers on bibles, because in the pages seems to be a lot of rhetoric about war violence, rape, incest and sex, so I hope they don't let their children hear that stuff.”

“It's funny how people get upset about a group like the Kottonmouth Kings (who spread a message of peace and good vibrations), yet when we were in town there was a bar on every corner and more drunk idiots roaming the streets then I can count. Goes to show you that alcohol is America’s drug of choice.”

Brad Daddy X
Kottonmouth Kings

The Kottonmouth Kings currently preparing for the release of their tenth studio release, “The Green Album.” The album is slated for a October 28th release through the group’s own label, Suburban Noize Records, and will feature guest appearances from Strange Music’s Tech N9ne and Brother J from hip-hop legends X-Clan. In an effort to continuously spread their message of peace and positive vibrations the group will be donating a percentage of profits from the sale of album to various environmental causes.


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