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PR: Hopsin Debut "Trampoline" Off the "Raw" Album
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PR: Hopsin Debut "Trampoline" Off the "Raw" Album

Los Angeles, CA (January 23rd, 2011) -- Critically acclaimed rapper, Hopsin is back with a club hit "Trampoline" off his album "Raw". Trampoline boasts creative lyrics, top notch production, and a catchy beat to boot.  Hopsin's creativity shines throughout this captivating and addictive single. This independently produced single is tantamount to the bigger productions of the mainstream.

It would probably be easier if we told you what Hopsin doesn’t do, but Hop is an MC, producer, video director, actor, and editor, and his journey has been anything but painless.

Stuck in special education classes, Hopsin did not see much of a future. His school teachers did nothing but reinforce the feelings that he wouldn’t amount to anything; especially if he continued to waste his time attending classes where nothing was actually being taught. So with no money and only a few real friends, Hopsin dropped out of school in 2004. Despite the lack of support from anyone but himself, Hopsin knew that his raw talent to rhyme would one day allow him to spit in the face of all of his critics.

Determined to be one of Southern Cali’s premier MCs, he bought an $8 microphone from Wal-Mart, installed Fruity Loops on his computer, and locked himself in the basement. He combined his skills with a new image [often seen wearing white contacts] and emerged from the basement as a complete artist.

In mid-2007, Hopsin inked a deal with Tomica Wright and the legendary Ruthless Records. Hopsin had finally achieved success, but it was short lived. Eventually, Hopsin's situation with Ruthless Records deteriorated. Hopsin was shelved for three years, which affected his fianances and ultimately his mind state. Eventually, his debut album "Gazing At The Moonlight" was released which Hopsin didn't recieve a dime from.

Due to his frustration with Ruthless, he started working on the album "Raw" in late 2009 and finished it by mid-2010. The album would be the final nail in Ruthless' coffin with singles like Sag My Pants, Kill Her, and You Are My Enemy belittling Tomica and Ruthless Records for the hell they had made his life. In November, Hopsin was officially freed from Ruthless Records and released his critically acclaimed album "Raw".

Now, with his struggles behind him, Hopsin is now working with his own independent label "Funk Volume" and is currently preparing for his tour across the nation.


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