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Album + MP3: Isaiah Toothtaker - Illuminati Thug Mafia
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From Audible Treats:

Album + MP3: Isaiah Toothtaker - Illuminati Thug Mafia

Machina Muerte CEO Unleashes New Album Featuring MURS, Lucky.I.Am, Jacob Safari and More

Critical Praise for Isaiah Toothtaker:

"Welcome to that friendly place called 'In Isaiah's pocket,' boys." - Impose Magazine

"I am fairly certain that my former scripture teacher would confirm that this is, beyond a reasonable doubt, the devil's work." - Cool'eh Magazine

"It's got Machina Muerta cuts that draw their power from moaning screwed choruses then songs over rapid drums with stretched out vocal effects that get laced with Isaiah's voice that fluctuates with each breath stressing itself across the beat, stretching to make the beat and retracting before going over that edge." - Sergdun of BEERANDRAP.COM /

The Song:

Today, Tucson's notorious jefe Isaiah Toothtaker unleashes his long awaited album Illuminati Thug Mafia through a partnership between his own Machina Muerte label and Alpha Pup Records. Convicted multiple felon and founder of the prestigious tattoo parlor STARING WITHOUT CARING, Isaiah's 18-track album features MURS, Mestizo, HUMANSUIT, Zackey Force Funk, Lucky.I.Am, CRIME KILLZ, Lush One, Cadalack Ron, Rheteric, Alex Pathetic, and SerpDot and production from Mainframe (Johnson&Johnson), Jacob Safari (Wavves), CRIME KILLZ, Eligh (Living Legends), Kid Static, LouisahHH, Masque Anonymous, The Briefcase, and Nick Sena. Re-living interminable nightmares, lurid street tales, torture tactics, and haunting threats through rhyme and reason, Isaiah takes listeners on a vivid ride through his warped mind to bring to life one of the most colorful, creative, and hard-hitting albums of 2011. Welcome to the bass-heavy house of horrors.

For those not yet convinced of Isaiah's intentions, he offers up a free tasty morsel with a downloadable mp3 of the haunting daymare "WTF You Say" featuring MURS to chew on. Following the screwed voice of famed Illuminist John Todd, enters Isaiah, half-laughing in disbelief, as he can't believe what's just been uttered. Driving hi-hats color Isaiah and MURS' message, which comes in the form of warnings and threats to punks who lie and run their mouths. Meanwhile, synths deepen, grow more empty, and more shrill. Something seems wrong and something probably is. The reason why you know that something's wrong is because Toothtaker wants you to know. Choose your words carefully.

Isaiah Toothtaker's newest album Illuminati Thug Mafia is available now via Machina Muerte/Alpha Pup.

Download Isaiah Toothtaker's "WTF You Say" here: .

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